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The company's top-selling bag of 2005 and 2006 is back again and better than ever. The Grom is an eight-pocket engineering feat, outfitted with OGIO's patent-pending anti-twist Torq strap its popular walking-accessible water bottle holster and the patented ZBP (Zipperless Ball Pocket) Zipperless Ball Pocket.
  birdiexris - 1/27/12
The bag itself is light and sturdy. I love it. My only problem with it is that when you're wearing the bag, it's difficult to get into the scorecard pocket. I walk a lot and i like to write my score as i walk or just get in there and look at things. It's under my ass when i put this bag on. The Ozone had a much better design as the score pocket was much further down the bag and easily reachable. That aside, it's probably the best bag i've owned yet. The torque strap they designed for cart use is great because i don't have to tighten the cart strap crazy tight and smash the bag when i use a cart.
  mmontisano - 7/15/14
  bmikoy - 6/10/14
  forebirdie2 - 3/8/14
  clowe92656 - 12/26/13
  vairdoc - 12/21/13
  00kawika - 10/31/13
  joel42 - 10/25/13
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