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Introduced in August of 2013, TaylorMade's SLDR driver features an easier-to-use horizontal "slider" mechanism to allow golfers to position weight in the 460-cc clubhead to promote a draw, neutral, or fade bias. Meanwhile, TM's "Loft-sleeve" is also present to allow loft adjustment of ± 1.5°.

The SLDR is available in four lofts: 8.0°, 9.5°, 10.5° and 12.0°.

  DBLACE58 - 4/3/14
Nice looking club but seems heavy, and I did not like the way the ball came off the club face. Seemed dead, and had a thud sound. Took it back and replaced it with the JetSpeed, which is hot off the face and much, much more accurate.
  tondu - 9/7/13
Easier to hit than my R11, with about 15yrds extra distance, especially on miss hits.
  garyherline - 8/25/13
Very satisfied although ball flight is lower than with Cobra. Does get a lot more roll for longer drives.
  dravidj - 9/29/20
  LesterDavis - 5/29/20
  ajdelaup - 12/11/19
  Guyvk - 5/28/19
  A-Biermann - 11/26/18
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