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Introduced in 2011, The G20 driver has a heavier head than the G15 (by 7 g) for greater force at impact. Additional back-weighting and an elongated face shore up misses. (Ping "shaved" the head in the low toe area to meet the 460 cc limit.) The clubhead has 5% higher MOI on heel and toe hits, while a light, "high balance-point" shaft boosts clubhead speed and distance.

LOFTS: 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 12°
LIE: 58°

  Watson54 - 12/20/22
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  vasquezspears5355093 - 12/9/22
it's really good than i thought, my friend is using this stick and i rate the quality for sure rolling ball 3d
  hanalucky0310 - 4/12/22
I know it's right for me idle mining empire
  patsm00re18 - 6/5/20
Quite awesome item.
  jskirley - 11/25/12
Got a G20 as a gift. I seem to have gotten a few more yards but was fighting a hook. Went back to my Rapture and back in the fairway. 9 degrees regular shaft. Anyone else have a similar experience
  koop418 - 1/6/12
Thx Smoulton.I am going to pick up the G20 for my bday in a couple weeks and was wondering about comparing the 10.5 to the 9.5. Did you try the i20 driver when you shopped?
  smoulton48 - 12/31/11
Purchased a 10.5 degree G20 driver this week. This is a very forgiving club. The first time I used it at the course I hit 9 of 11 fairways. The key was I made serveral bad swings that should have sliced hard to the right, but this club kept the ball in the fairway. I am a 15 handie cap but hoping to lower the handie cap with the savings of fewer penalty stroke off the tee box. The club does get the ball up in to the air. If you normally use at 10.5 degree driver you may want to try out a 9.5 degree.
  brad.carolyn159 - 11/9/11
switched R11s to G20s. Really happy with the move. Very consistent
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