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The G15 was designed for golfers seeking maximum forgiveness, distance, and accuracy. Its elongated titanium head features an external sole weight, which positions the CG for higher trajectory and reduced spin. A larger face is designed to optimize ball speed and provide consistency across the entire hitting surface.

LOFTS: 9°, 10.5°, 12°, 13.5°
LIE: 58°

  patrickrall - 1/11/23
Great article on the G15 golf club! I love the emphasis on maximum forgiveness, distance, and accuracy. The elongated titanium head and external sole weight sound like they work together perfectly to improve trajectory and reduce spin. I'll definitely be checking out the G15 for my next round!
  Bendamsel - 12/22/22
The G15 is a great club for golfers who want maximum forgiveness and accuracy!
  Watson54 - 12/12/22
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  tuyiaer - 11/6/22
I have ever been a Ping fan, and I looked at quite a few others before choosing this one after purchasing numerous driver fittings. cookie clicker
  cantona22 - 10/25/22
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  heasanta - 9/14/22
aesthetically pleasing and doesn't setup closed like many game improvement drivers. Better than the G10 is the darker graphic on the top of the head. longer and straighter than the G10. backrooms game
  marialee - 1/10/22
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  Arch451 - 1/6/22
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Average Handicap: 13.3
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