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913 D2

  - Titleist
Introduced in November of 2012, the 913 D2 is an adjustable 460-cc, pear-shaped driver with a slight draw bias. Titleist's "SureFit Tour" hosel permits adjustment of the lie and loft angle, while rear weighting and a lower CG reduce spin and create more distance. The forged face insert is design to produce more speed across more of the clubface.

Available in 7.5° (RH only), 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, and 12° lofts with a 58.5° lie angle and a 45" shaft.

  nabd - 5/19/14
Love this thing. Finally have a driver in the bag that will give me distance and keep me in the fairway. Ball flight is awesome which reduces impact of the wind and you get the roll out that adds yards You may pay more money but it is worth it
  johncamp10 - 8/14/13
gain 15 yards & small adjustment no more slice
  normlp - 6/4/13
Love it...may not be the longest out there, but certainly the most predictable.
  kjsween - 12/16/12
Besy driver I ever put my hands on.
  paulthomasreynolds - 5/31/20
  Justaman - 10/5/19
  les.tucker628 - 3/6/19
  Solly14 - 5/17/18
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