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Model 3.0

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Introduced in 2010, the Clicgear Model 3.0 full-sized 3-wheel golf push-cart features an improved easy-action brake lever, as well as a redesigned opening mechanism that includes an ergonomic hinge and push-button front wheel lock. The upgraded console now has 2 scorecard holders in addition to the other compartments, and the improved drink holder accommodates larger beverages.
  patsm00re18 - 6/7/20
I can openly prescribe this accesories to my companions.
  Phillip8 - 4/13/13
would be nice to see correct model on show, this one shown is model 2.0
also can you login the new model 3.5
fantastic cart
  MostlyBogies - 1/23/11
A great cart - I am very happy with it. It is very sturdy on the course and folds up nicely for transport in the car.
  saunderscc - 4/18/10
This cart is a little heavy compared to some others. However, it is the best all around push cart I've come across.

Be aware that the newly redesigned brake lever on model 3.0 does not work if you are using the GPS cradle which mounts where the umbrella holder attaches.

In addition, the cup holder that hangs off the side of the cart has an internal diameter that is too small for just about anything other than a 12 oz can. Our club serves drinks in a standard 20 oz styrofoam cup. The cup holder will accommodate these, but the cup rides too high and a full drink puts the center of gravity at a point where the cup has a tendency to tip over if you aren't paying attention while navigating inclines or bumps. Also, wedges put back into the golf bag can catch the top of the cup. Bottom line, this absolutely necessary accessory is poorly conceived on an otherwise brilliant cart.
  d.farrer - 4/11/18
  Victor Moscardo - 7/26/17 - 6/13/17
  TerryC1775 - 4/6/17
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