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The Freeway II is built using the latest lightweight, super strength materials and has been rigorously tested so that it performs to limit even in the most extreme conditions.
  martin1956 - 4/26/13
I had an original freeway, bought in 2001, and it was great, but it is beginning to get a little tired and little things keep breaking, so I have invested in a 2013 model which seems even better made and the "issues" that the FW2 had have been resolved.

A different way of attaching the battery (not the t-bar) is the only drawback as such as I have other batteries that are still fine I can't use until I source an adaptor.

Some of the accessories seem flimsy but haven't had them long enough to tell yet.
  Geenidea - 9/4/11
Don't buy the Freeway II.
  Pyeman Senior - 6/20/20
  AMonaghan - 1/16/18
  phil65mason - 9/25/16
  archie2000 - 8/8/16
  psychodad - 5/14/13
  Big Gary - 5/6/13
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