Wolf Creek Golf Course
401 Paradise Pkwy Ste 20
Mesquite, NV 89027-5404, United States

702 346 3800
Tucked into the northeast corner in Mesquite, the course is carved beautifully out of the desert. The layout will test your game with its stunning layout, overwhelm you with its dazzling beauty and overwhelm you with its breath-taking views...all at the same time.
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10/17/22 Bob Telford 106
8/4/22 Seth Knauer 86
7/11/22 RENEE KLOSS 89
6/29/22 Kenyth Reynolds 90
6/19/22 Kayley Provine 84
6/13/22 anthony curcio 98
6/10/22 John Bourke 79
6/7/22 Ronnie Curtis 47*
5/9/22 Charles McLaughlin 114
5/6/22 Jason Craven 94
4/13/22 gman99202 88
4/4/22 Evan Hess 97
3/29/22 Annie Claude De Paoli 84
3/26/22 James Provost 80
3/16/22 Timothy Stol 96
3/12/22 GolfDaGame 85
3/12/22 Todd Whiting 80

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Recent Reviews

  bauser69 - 7/27/21
Beautiful and extremely challenging course. Amazing holes with lots of strategy involved to get around this very hilly course. The only negative I experienced was a huge mistake on the managements side by making an error on the date of our 112 player tournament which put another 40 players with us leading to a 7 hour round day. They tried to fix best they could but this made for a horribly long day in extreme heat on an extremely difficult course. Other than that, I would still highly recommend this course to anyone who loves beautiful golf courses. If you don't have a long game make sure to play shorter tees to have a better, more enjoyable experience. Very difficult course for a short ball hitter.
  kensa - 2/8/19
Amazing course, weather didn't cooperate but still a fun and challenging round of golf. 5800 yards from the "maters"/white tee box felt long. Stunning views with unique shots required from many tee's.
  ally1957 - 10/17/17
yes its pricey but a roller coaster ride like this one will cost $100 at Disney
Now back to the golf
The course is really well maintained plenty of water most of which is in play
never had to play over a mountain before off the tee.
the buggies are petrol driven I don't think the electric ones will cope. and when these wear out think they will use pack mules
There's a concession station about half way round as its too dangerous for a concessions cart
don't forget your camera but the photos don't do it justice
  theoneviper - 5/29/17
If you like desert golf this is your dream coarse. Spectacular views on every hole. The greens are tough and the coarse requires mental strength to score. Very pricy even during 100+ degree summer play.
  pgadreamer2003 - 6/21/15
The best course i ever played worth the trip out there we played in mid march 2015 awesome i advice to go the week of march 15th week seems like the weather is great that time of year! every hole is a signature hole its worth the price , but get a package deal
  tjedlinski - 6/14/15
One of the Best courses I have ever played well worth the trip. And agree it should be on every golfers bucket list, the course and scenery are breath taking and pictures do not do it justice. This is one course that I would highly recommend to anyone who is an avid golfer.
  Mike385 - 2/27/15
This is a no brainier, it should be on every golfers bucket list. It was one of the most intimating and beautiful courses I have played to date
  Wallybird - 9/14/14
The most "unique" course I have ever played. Excellent shape, friendly and very helpful staff. Highly recommend this course.
  zaper9 - 8/1/14
If you don't play this course when your here you've missed one of the best. - 1/27/14
Spectacular course!! LIke nothing I've ever seen. That said - the greens had been destroyed three weeks earlier and no mention was made. No Grass - and once they thawed they were nothing but mud. The management gave everyone a $25 credit in the pro shop. After the fact & way too late.
  rlonergan77 - 10/21/13
Second time I have played here. Course is always in awesome shape. Love the scenery. Can't ask for much better winding up and down the mountain.
  ambermona - 6/11/13
Worth the trip to play. Very challenging course from the back, play it forward for a lot more fun. Really enjoyable track.

Overall a 4*, value and pace of play keep it from being a 5* track.
  SteelersFan43 - 5/28/13
Fantastic course, I have played it 3 times now, and love it. Views are awesome. Only negative, was last time I played we were at a 3 and half hour back nine. Ranger should have been out there pushing someone.
  fourquartz - 3/30/13
best course ever
  Andrew_Reid - 3/10/13
Amazing views
  b701100 - 1/1/13
One of the most scenic courses I've played. Very challenging with many tee boxes for various talent levels. Playing again in March, and looking forward to it.
  Jeffreyg72 - 7/21/12
One of the best and scenic courses I have played. Staff was extremely friendly and always made you feel welcome. Played from the Blue tees of which the course is very challenging. Went to the Black tees on a couple of holes to see the view and try our luck. Each hole had just fantastic views. Early morning tees times in the summer are the best before the heat. Played 36 holes one day and when the wind came up it made the round very difficult. Just a great course. One of my favorite even with living in northern California and having played quite a few courses up and down the state, as well as, Tahoe and Reno. I would recommend anyone going to the Las Vegas area to book a tee time at Wolf Creek, you will really enjoy it.
  gkoss6701 - 6/27/12
Absoultely fun! Nothing like this in central Ohio! I came back to golf the Mesquite area because of this course. Course was in good shape for June. The wind can be brutal in the afternoon. Golf early AM in June/July to avoid the heat and wind.
  VinnieDaVinci - 5/9/12
2nd time playing this course. Incredible views. Pricey. Better value at Conestoga, Falcon Ridge or the Plamer Courses, but well worth the play. Extreme winds the last time I played - makes the course unfair.
  Add2144 - 5/7/12
If you are anywhere near LV, you HAVE to play this course. Incredible, every hole is a "signature hole", how they had the vision to make this! Incredible
  Plagger - 5/5/12
If you go to Vegas, make sure you don't discount the hour and a half drive north to the "moon". The roller coaster ride through the canyons is amazing. Most tee shots are well above the landing area and there is plenty of room to grip and rip on your tee ball. I would also recommend getting an early tee time so you can play 36 that day. Replay rate for us in March was $45. I have yet to play a nicer course.
  drosenow - 4/16/12
Played this course in 40 mph winds. Incredible views. If you haven't played it, bring your SkyCaddie with the download. Leave your "manhood" behind when picking the right tees.
  CTSoxFan - 4/7/12
Played this course 2 years ago, going again in 2 weeks. Amazing views, bring a camera. Course is not long, but a very challenging layout. Lots of position golf. About a 90 minute ride from LV, and on the pricey side (around $200) but totally worth it. A must play every year we go.
  smeans42 - 3/20/12
Holy Shit - Enough Said!
  deykers - 1/7/12
Greatest course I've played, great scenery, great challenge. My camera was very busy. Good rates can be had from the courses website, look for "Hot times". Very friendly staff. I'll be back!
  nyspinv - 8/19/11
Probably one of the greatest courses I ever played. Great scenery and shot making. Worth the trip
  aeg - 8/16/11
If you are in the Las Vegas area, this is the course to play. Far cheaper than other Vegas alternatives and one of the more unique courses you'll ever find.
  ZOO - 7/1/11
Extremely difficult. Big hills... if that' what you want to call them. Basically with the brakes on your cart is still sliding down the cart path if that gives you a better idea. Every hole is like that too. Big winds. It's brutal... but beautiful. Just prepare to beat yourself up playing there. Forget about getting a great score.
  dtwhiting - 5/11/11
Beautiful. Course in excellent condition. A must play.
  dcarlin17 - 5/7/11
A must play. The word beautiful doesn't describe this course it is simply awesome. I have no idea how this was in visioned as every hole is eye popping. I have played Pebble Beach and this holds it own in beauty.
  184in1 - 4/26/11
change in elevation sis amazing
It is target golf but very fair, must play correct tees to enjoy. It is a must play at least once. intimidating visuals, greens roll well lots of small hard breaks
  Carey520 - 2/14/11
You don't know whether to pick up a club or a camera. Course designed with holes that distort your depth perception and create mental errors. You wonder how they figured out how to build the course let alone maintain some of the elevated tees. They actually hide a mower on the 2nd tee built into a rock formation. Discounted greenfees can be had. Head and shoulders above anything else in Mesquite or St Geeorge.
  DaveWueth - 2/3/11
The most beautiful course I've ever played, and a good challenge (from blue tees)if you're up to it. Several holes need to be played conservative, several holes allow risk/reward attacks. Played in mid Oct 2009, course was in pristine condition. Well worth the premium green fees, would happily pay them again.
  Dazinkster - 12/7/10
Simply amazing! Great views, great golf, a real pleasure all the way round!

I'd urge everyone to try and play this at least once, I'm certainly going to try and get back sometime!
  HMTrey - 5/7/10
Some of the most beautiful drops in Golf. I have played around the nation including Alaska and Mexico and for the price one of the most beautiful tracks I have seen. Can't beat it for $165. Thats what I paid the 3 times I played it.
  eddiemeggs - 5/7/20
  Jodilock - 11/22/14
  Grinny66 - 3/13/14
  UA94 - 2/27/14
  toyrunner829 - 2/17/14
  Evers314 - 1/19/14
  bassale - 1/13/14
  HCJones - 11/5/13
  jmcwilli - 10/17/13
  refisk951 - 10/11/13
  Wheelsy - 10/5/13
  CHIPSTER52 - 9/10/13
  Vegas Kidd - 7/2/13
  cpljohnst - 6/26/13
  1downtown - 6/19/13
  kellykrewenchuk - 5/25/13
  danmccarthy - 5/21/13
  Commander E - 4/21/13
  pp8771472 - 4/16/13
  phooka - 4/14/13
  Zamfir - 3/28/13
  trsherwood644 - 3/20/13
  mrimmey - 3/20/13
  papztoyz - 3/7/13
  mnowak8 - 1/14/13
  eepyon - 11/26/12
  wallace3884935 - 11/19/12
  drddustincarlson - 8/7/12
  Lendol - 7/24/12
  Walt724 - 6/4/12
  Bob McGowan - 5/28/12
  RKarl - 4/28/12
  JaySamuelson - 4/22/12
  frankdmann - 4/21/12
  stowel2j - 4/5/12
  TedWorth - 4/4/12
  csufan34516 - 4/4/12
  jogabonito22 - 3/4/12
  gabrysch23 - 3/1/12
  Deon60 - 2/11/12
  Gregory M. - 1/11/12
  PowersDJ - 12/30/11
  Ricker51 - 12/1/11
  skipyoung - 10/22/11
  amuck - 10/21/11
  RJRITZ - 10/19/11
  ngilty - 10/18/11
  brebeard - 10/1/11
  tbennek - 9/20/11
  Lovgoel - 9/9/11
  allnike10 - 8/16/11
  Benzo14 - 8/15/11
  ldavis428 - 7/23/11
  KDogg1787 - 7/16/11
  GOHORNS - 5/18/11
  akBAMBAM - 5/11/11
  greglyda - 5/1/11
  dnverner - 4/29/11
  akflyboy - 4/17/11
  skybry - 4/17/11
  gregk26 - 4/1/11
  rjlawr1 - 1/31/11
  grandmastervegas - 12/1/10
  Misquimakas - 9/16/10
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  cbdcbd - 3/8/10
  mccarthymike12815 - 3/4/10
  kimberlycage - 3/4/10
  goofermcd - 2/24/10
  jostoops - 2/14/10
  a.gligo875 - 2/8/10
  tazdoc - 2/5/10
  cooker99 - 2/5/10
  calamkin - 1/17/10
  nmontoya - 1/8/10
  RJSneed - 1/7/10
  jbrender - 12/14/09
  markwu2 - 1/6/08
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