Glenmary Golf & Recreation Club
10200 Glenmary Farm Dr
Louisville, KY 40291-4034, United States

502 239 3500
Jack Ridge, a well known name in Kentucky golf and owner of Pine Valley Country Club in Elizabethtown and Connemara in Lexington, has partnered with his sister Maria and her husband Chris Purcell to make Glenmary one of the finest golf facilities around town. Jack is also the president of Club Pro Products, inventors of the Buggy cover and many other golf cart accessories routinely used at Glenmary.
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Date Golfer Score
8/10/15 Roy Tooley 102
8/8/15 John Spalding 87
8/1/15 John Spalding 87
7/29/15 ronmar909 110
7/25/15 John Spalding 86
6/29/15 Roy Tooley 104
6/27/15 John Spalding 90
6/24/15 John Spalding 82
6/14/15 ky wonder 83
6/13/15 ky wonder 87
6/13/15 John Spalding 83
6/6/15 John Spalding 85
6/3/15 ky wonder 90
5/30/15 John Spalding 87
5/23/15 John Spalding 88
5/17/15 John Spalding 92
5/14/15 todd wah 88
5/9/15 John Spalding 84
11/30/14 John Spalding 96
10/26/14 franky10 83
10/22/14 ky wonder 87
10/18/14 John Spalding 94
10/11/14 John Spalding 88

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Recent Reviews

  Skribbleman1 - 7/7/14
Greens were very nice with a lot of break and different levels.
Design of course was difficult and such that hitting driver was not always the correct choice.
Houses line most of the fairways with little room for error which explains my 8 penalty strokes.
What really brings this course down was that the fairways were very poor and the cart paths were little more than gravel with potholes for most of the course.
  Martin Walters - 6/3/12
Not a fan.
  Eric Welsh - 6/8/11
Played this course and it should not have been opened that day or for another few weeks to let this course heal. The majority of the fairways were bare or had simply crabgrass. The greens and approaches were in great condition, as is this course typically. I will not play this course again until the fairways have had time to heal themselves.
  alldffr - 5/9/13
  MARTY69 - 8/23/12
  tmcmurtrey - 6/2/12
  markwu2 - 5/30/12
  Blade McHoselrocket - 4/11/12
  John Spalding - 9/6/11
  MSchneids - 6/7/10
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