Pinehurst Resort
80 Carolina Vista Dr
Pinehurst, NC 28374, United States

Eight courses are at this world-famous resort, perhaps the most famous being the No. 2 course, which was recently rebuilt and restored to the original Donald Ross design by the traditionalist architecture team of Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw. No. 2 will host both the men's and women's U.S. Open championships in successive weeks in June of 2014.

Seven other courses are here, all of which have either historic or championship pedigrees; No. 4, redesigned by Tom Fazio and opened in 2000, hosted the 2008 men's U.S. Amateur Championship (Danny Lee). The resort quotes the legendary Bobby Jones describing Pinehurst as the "St. Andrews of United States golf."

Also here is the Pinehurst Golf Academy and a considerable amount of lodging.
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Superintendent:Bob Farren
Guest Policy:open
Dress Code:Collared Shirt (No Denim)
Season Start:Year-round, weather permitting
Pro Shop :yes
Fairways Grass:Bermuda
Driving Range:Grass hitting surface
Short Game Practice:yes with sand bunker
Water Hazards:Moderate
Sand Bunkers:Heavy

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Recent Scores

Date Golfer Score
8/7/22 George Mulheron 79
8/6/22 Jim Badovinac 76
8/6/22 George Mulheron 71
8/4/22 Jim Badovinac 82
8/2/22 George Mulheron 75
7/31/22 George Mulheron 76
7/28/22 George Mulheron 78
7/28/22 Jim Badovinac 81
7/26/22 Jim Badovinac 80
7/26/22 George Mulheron 77
7/24/22 Jim Badovinac 77
7/24/22 George Mulheron 78
7/23/22 George Mulheron 76
7/21/22 Jim Badovinac 77
7/20/22 George Mulheron 77
7/19/22 George Mulheron 85
7/17/22 George Mulheron 76
7/16/22 Jim Badovinac 71
7/15/22 Jim Badovinac 78
7/13/22 Jim Badovinac 79
7/12/22 George Mulheron 75
7/9/22 George Mulheron 70
Pinehurst No. 2:    

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Recent Reviews

  cpljohnst - 7/18/15
Really enjoyed #2. Much greener than the way it looked during the Open's last year. Would play it again in a heartbeat. Greens are so challenging to chip around, but in a fun way.
  jseiberling - 6/4/15
Have played #'s 4 and 8. Enjoyed them both. Hope to experience even more of the courses in the future. Great place, great golf, great people.
  Quemetco - 7/12/14
We played 2,4,and 8 just before the Pros very difficult time on 2 but loved the whole experience and the staff were the greatest...Richard
  Woody852 - 12/30/13
Golf in NJ in late December is not much fun, so being able to travel to Pinehurst was a treat! Just played No. 8 and found the overall experience exhilarating. We stood on many tee boxes and just gawked at the view. One of the best layouts I have played. The staff was very accommodating as well! After finishing our round I found the need to work on my bunker play and the staff grabbed a bucket of ball and said to practice as long as I liked. Overall a great experience.
  psubender - 10/13/13
One of the top bucket list courses. To think that I played course where all the great did is amazing. The course is very fair. The green are tough due to the dome shapes. Love it and I can't wait to go back
  ChefMiz - 9/12/13
I will say that playing #2 is a costly affair and now that i have done it i am not sure that i would pay the price to do it again. But if you can, you should absolutely do it once! I love the renovation that Coore and Crenshaw did. This course looks like it belongs on this piece of land. The fairways are plenty generous, but shots need to be shaped to gain the angles which make them play smaller. Once off the fairway it is a crap shoot as to what kind of lie you will draw. The green complexes are what make this course and they live up to their reputations- just aim for the centers and practice your bump and runs!
  craigpuckett - 7/6/13
Have played all but 1&3, all great! Enjoyed the caddie experience on 2. But thought 4&8 are exceptionally great tracks. Liked 7 after that. Hope to go back again! Staff know how to take care of you.
  mperk81 - 5/22/13
  jfarnan - 4/20/13
My 4some played #'s 4,2 &8. We thouroughly enjoyed all of the courses. #2 was spectacular and the greens were amazingly difficult. The resort was 1st class and the food and service were outstanding. Great experience.
  Timlindsay413 - 4/3/13
Played No 2, 4, & 8 on Labor Day Weekend golf trip.

(No. 8)
Course was a great design with a lot of doglegs and raised greens, unfortunately greens were a little long and running slow.

(No. 4)
Course was a lot more interesting and enjoyable that No. 8 and included over 150 pot bunkers as well as green complexes resembling to No. 2 but less severe drop offs and bunkering.

(No. 2)
Course was restored earlier in the year and was in amazing shape and the look and feel of the course is much better than prior. The most interesting and fun green complexes that truly make you think through shots around the green which can be played using any club in the bag given the circumstance.
  Boiler - 6/1/12
Great resort. Courses all maintained well.
  pottert61 - 5/1/12
Great course and very friendly staff
  morris3 - 3/29/12
played #8, fairways had been punched
would probably enjoyed more if but
course condition was disappointing.
Outstanding layout
  Chuck Duncan - 3/25/12
Played #2. The best course I have ever played! We had a caddie named Jack who was phenomenal! The course is the fairest test of golf skill, rewarding good shots. Bad shots were penalized but recoverable. Greens are upside down bowls putting a premium on hitting the center of the green. Great course!
  skipyo - 3/23/12
Curse you, Donald Ross! Like the Starter said, "Don't pay attention to the location of the flag. Just get the ball on the green first." And that's the difficult part. Played #3 the "short" course. Everything was in great condition and the greens were pretty fast. But overall a great experience. Green fee: $105.00, Cart Fee: $14.05.
  hhbillsj - 12/30/11
Played #4 & #2. Both outstanding. #4 is more traditional. Geared more for the recreational golfer. #2 puts a premium on every shot. Stay in the fairway, keep the ball on the green, put the ball in the hole. Probably the most difficult and enjoyable course I've every played.
  MRWalker - 12/22/11
What a great course. The greens are turned upside down saucers so you gotta git-it-ON for it to stay on, and many shots that landed near the from released to the back. The warm and then cold weather during this period makes the speed on the green inconsistant: On an uphill putt you might have to tap it or you might have to bang it. All of this makes the course more challenging. I like this course (#4) more than #2. Number 2 may have gone through some changes to return to the days of yesteryear but for me I did not get here to go back. The waste land, it is not, "bunkers" do not appeal to me and the spotted high grass in them makes it a nightmare for mid to high handicappers. Even the low shooters are shaking their heads. So play number 4, it is difficult enough, and have a great day.
  cjgiant - 10/18/11
Played Pinehurst #4. Was a fine course, for the most part straightforward layout through the Carolina pines. The hole variety was ok, with occasional elevation changes (including 3 downhill par 3s).

The greens had some minor slope to them, but were mostly flat with little break. They ran fairly quick and were very smooth.

Overall, I agree with others that the course is overpriced, although that is more a factor of the price (around $200) than the course.
  Hasbin - 5/23/11
I played Pinehurst No. 5 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great holes and excellent condition. The greens were a little slower than I expected and very firm, but still quite enjoyable. Sitting on the patio behind the 18th green of the No. 2 course was incredible.
  kjmpcc3580 - 5/20/10
(No. 8)
This is a great open and undulating layout where the real test is around the greens that fall off on many sides. It is very scenic as well. Overall an excellent course but it is not worth the price.

(No. 5)
The first 6 or 7 holes are a little boring, running between condos and with little character. However, the ballance of the holes are really nice with some elevation changes, water and better scenery. The greens are much easier than No. 2 or No. 8. The conditions were excellent. Not worth the price either.

(Would recomend 8 over 5)

There are many other courses in the area that are just as nice and hundreds of dollars cheaper.
  Mr. Pinehurst - 6/18/08
Course #1 has been redone in the last year. Grand open March 1. Course is wide open, nice huge fairways with firm big greens. This make over has made this course right up there with the others. A great play if you ever get the chance.
  edouble - 5/24/19
  brettrobbins - 1/16/19
  amodf05 - 10/11/15
  RNarunsky - 8/20/15
  esacchi - 8/13/15
  jim.cole - 8/9/14
  jsharpe - 6/1/14
  rlonergan77 - 12/14/13
  futraljr - 11/30/13
  asm1golf - 11/7/13
  bbailey204 - 9/27/13
  bunicu - 9/17/13
  Leland Raine Moore - 9/12/13
  rlvanni - 8/18/13
  Chief_Airborne - 7/27/13
  pyossem - 7/22/13
  Hooperman - 6/9/13
  boxterjeff - 5/14/13
  cyberneff - 5/13/13
  Tendani K - 5/3/13
  Mocozeke - 4/1/13
  allenpc - 3/25/13
  briancfox7 - 3/15/13
  Wolfman58 - 3/8/13
  BC1500 - 1/16/13
  JordanR - 9/22/12
  hottytoddyholly - 9/21/12
  DRE-BCC - 8/28/12
  Pete Y - 8/27/12
  Amaken SGX - 7/1/12
  hulthen88 - 6/22/12
  Brokenbones1 - 5/26/12
  rahcpa1 - 5/21/12
  Ryan Small - 2/5/12
  RickElia - 1/21/12
  craigmudge - 12/4/11
  paulcjepsen - 11/29/11
  rich318830 - 11/18/11
  hhhegel - 11/14/11
  fforsg882 - 11/6/11
  TWShoot67 - 11/3/11
  Brotha Farrell - 10/31/11
  dhodgson89 - 10/5/11
  Breckster - 8/3/11
  mm330982 - 7/22/11
  drc62 - 6/24/11
  ScottWaterhouse - 6/20/11
  Datdude72 - 5/23/11
  NEdomer - 4/30/11
  gregosler - 4/27/11
  bgrussing292 - 4/15/11
  ChrisHuelin - 3/29/11
  Holden Fett - 3/26/11
  mstephanik - 3/10/11
  b2bobagain - 3/9/11
  JACKSON8797 - 2/28/11
  royfcox - 1/3/11
  MAJsketsalot - 12/31/10
  rcirilli - 12/16/10
  trippblair - 11/4/10
  JetdogGT - 11/1/10
  specialed305 - 9/28/10
  jcahoon - 9/13/10
  mmprop - 7/29/10
  edmcarter - 7/28/10
  Oldguy2 - 7/9/10
  scatescs - 7/6/10
  gnowak1 - 7/3/10
  wbastedo - 6/21/10
  MiamiTerp - 6/8/10
  picken5 - 6/7/10
  pjcjfugere - 6/4/10
  Purpleflhr - 6/2/10
  jasoncurran33 - 5/21/10
  BobVellante - 5/19/10
  rocky319 - 5/15/10
  badgolfer#1 - 5/4/10
  ketrost - 4/30/10
  groceryguy - 4/20/10
  jadarigolf - 4/10/10
  johndoring - 4/8/10
  pjbroome - 3/29/10
  jheale - 3/14/10
  tails2124 - 3/6/10
  wnbactg - 2/10/10
  Phonz007 - 1/27/10
  BHK001 - 1/25/10
  Savdog - 1/4/10
  Chr15noles - 6/19/08
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