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Lakeville, MA Golf Courses
Lakeville has -1 golf facilities. Listed below is each club listed in alphabetical order.
Nearby Courses
Olde Scotland Links at Bridgewater
Bridgewater, MA (8 miles)
Rochester Golf Club
Rochester, MA (9 miles)
Acushnet River Valley Golf Course
Acushnet, MA (9 miles)
John Parker Municipal Golf Course
Taunton, MA (10 miles)
Fall River Country Club
Fall River, MA (11 miles)
Country Club of Halifax
Halifax, MA (11 miles)
Halifax Country Club
Halifax, MA (11 miles)
Segregansett Country Club
Taunton, MA (12 miles)
Village Links Golf Course
Plymouth, MA (12 miles)
River Bend Country Club
West Bridgewater, MA (12 miles)
Public Lakeville Country Club  
44 Clear Pond Rd
Private LeBaron Hills Country Club  
183 Rhode Island Rd
Public Poquoy Brook Golf Course  
20 Leonard St
508 947 5261
Public The Back Nine Club  
17 Heritage Hill Dr