A Tale of Two Opens
I have been looking forward to this week for most of the year — a chance to watch the best women golfers in the world tee it up right behind the men at the U.S. Open at Pinehurst #2. And they certainly did not disappoint in the first day.

Stacy Lewis took the early lead with a masterful display of ball control. She hit 13 of 14 fairways and 17 greens yesterday, to put together a pretty workmanlike 3-under-par 67. I loved her remark in her press conference that it was "easy" out there. She wasn't talking about Pinehurst being easy at all, but rather that the game is much easier when you have 17 attempts at birdie. That means very little "bogey tension," of course.

Overall, the leaderboard after Day One looks pretty much like the men's did last week. One stellar ball-striking performance takes the early lead, a bunch of good players staying close, and most of the field somewhat beat up by the golf course's difficulty because they didn't hit fairways and control their approach shots.

What the U.S. Open reveals almost every year is the golfer most in control of their game and emotions. You simply cannot chip and putt your way to a U.S. Open crown, with very few exceptions. Yes, a good short game is imperative, because of the traditional difficulty. But a review of history shows that in most cases, the golfer who ends up on top late Sunday afternoon was the one who made it the least "dramatic." This reminds me of a Lee Trevino remark from many years ago:
"Two things that don't last long are dogs that chase cars, and tour pros that putt for pars."
I am pretty opinionated that the LPGA players give us all more to learn than the men do. Watch these women this week, taking on the same golf course the men just played, albeit under slightly different conditions. The greens might be a tad slower, but the USGA is trying to get them hitting the same clubs into the greens as the guys did on most holes. And the women are dealing with much higher temperatures than the guys — the forecast is for temperatures in the mid-90s all week. That takes a toll, as all you southerners know.

So, settle back and enjoy the show, readers! It promises to be a good one, hopefully more dramatic than last week's runaway.

Of course, I'm sure that Stacy Lewis would like it turn out the same as last week, huh?

P.S.: The Ben Hogan Story Unfolds

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