Why Do You Play Golf?
A group of us were having one of those hypothetical, theoretical conversations the other day and the subject was along the lines of "just what do golfers typically want from the experience?"

We explored all the wonderful things about this game, and shared snippets of information we've all gleaned from our lifetimes in this industry. Knowing what golfers are really thinking is a huge part of managing a successful golf company, right?

So, I'd like to share some of our "conclusions" with all of you to help us understand what it is that drives you to love this game. It's hard to be totally objective when you have made your living in this business for your entire life, so all the insight you all would share with me will be greatly appreciated. Please weigh in on these subjects:
  1. What is it that you really want from golf? Is it score? Hitting it longer? Closer? Something that made the most sense to us was from a recent survey that said most golfers just want to "hit better golf shots more often". What do you all think of that?

  2. Is hitting the "long ball" really all that gratifying? Would you trade yards for consistency? Accuracy? Or not?

  3. Is it about just being outside? Or is that too simplified? Exercise? Or is there really that much of that?

  4. Time with your buddies/wife/kids? Where does the quality time with those special people figure into the equation?

  5. Fun or To Win? Is most of your golf centered on the betting games and your goal is to win? Or is most of your golf about the pure enjoyment of all the game has to offer? If you could never bet again on the golf course, would it have the same appeal? Are you a tournament player, too?
Those are the things we tossed around, and would love to have all of you sound off with what you think. And to see if we can't stimulate this to be the most active article ever, I'm going to randomly choose one of you respondents to win a matched pair of SCOR4161 precision scoring clubs, custom built to your own specs.

Let me know what you are thinking!!!!
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parman68166 says:
For me, I enjoy the constant inner battle with myself--forcing myself to concentrate on hitting a good shot, resisting the urge to hit shots that are beyond my current capabilities, and to appreciate the opportunity to enjoy another day. It provides a near spiritual experience since you are immersed in nature, and the experience of a well struck shot, to me, is paramount. Distance is great as long as it is accurate distance, but distance isn't really necessary to enjoy this game. Hitting a shot pure and sticking it close will, in me, create a feeling of joy and bring me back another day. I've never heard anyone say that about a long drive.
there are four things that make me love to golf. Here they are not necessarily in the order of importance. 1) the immediate sensation of hitting a very crisp golf shot straight toward the target. 2) the feeling of physical exertion that comes with walking the course. 3) the personal pride when I have a very good day and make a good score. 4) the enjoyment of sharing the time with friends in a competition where the winner doesn't care if they collect the prize. For me it is the trip and not the destination.
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