The Importance of Sequencing
Some time back I tossed out the proposition that the LPGA players were proportionately longer than their male counterparts. What triggered that was reading that Christie Kerr averaged 260 off the tee, and she weighs 120 pounds. If Tiger Woods weighs 180, then he would have to average 390 to get the same "yards per pound" results. Then I offered that if there were a measure of "body strength index", Tiger is probably 2-3 times stronger than Christie Kerr, so that makes her achievement even more impressive.

I know these are not realistic comparisons, but it really should make us think about what delivers more distance, if it's not raw power.

I just came back from an LPGA teaching conference where I delivered a presentation on the tools and techniques for improving golfers' performance in the scoring zone, what I define as 9-iron range and in. As these ladies took their turns hitting our new SCOR4161 precision scoring clubs, the ones that really had solid, impressive golf swings drew my attention. I watched ladies of all ages just stripe full-swing 9-irons and wedge shots. Gorgeous trajectories and distances that would make most any male golfer smile.

What stood out with most of them is the impeccable sequencing of their swings. Each little segment of the swing happened in harmony with the one before it. The visible effort was relaxed and the tempos smooth and effortless-looking. I think there are few things more enjoyable to watch than an accomplished lady golfer striking solid golf shots.

My point in all this is that what delivers optimum power to the golf ball is NOT brute strength or "swinging hard". Impact efficiency comes from having all the pieces of the swing happen in just the right timing and sequence. That's why these wispy women can just knock the stuffing out of the ball with swings that look like they are hitting half wedge shots.

With winter coming on and many of you facing months indoors without green grass under your feet, it would be a good time to re-think your approach to golf and focus on improving your swing sequencing. My suggestion is to watch slow motions videos of the best LPGA players and do your best to mimic their pace, tempo and sequencing of their golf swings.

You'll be longer and straighter than ever before when you get back at it next spring.
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