Thoughts on Ball Fitting
Bridgestone is making a lot of waves out there with their ball fitting process, and all other ball companies are making dozens of different models. It must prove pretty confusing to all of us, so I’m going to try to lend a little sanity to this today. I’ll confess right up front that I have not gone through a ball fitting process and have selected the Bridgestone B330RX as my ball through a pretty simple process:
  1. I don’t play Titleist balls anymore, not since I got in the wedge business. They are the 900 lb gorilla and I just can’t bear giving them any of my money. Same goes for every other major brand — they don’t need and won’t get my money either. ;-)

  2. I’ve tried the Bridgestone balls – all of them – and really believe they make a better product, especially in the wind. I switched from the B-330 to the RX model when I found it a little more suited to my swing speeds.
And now I just don’t experiment with golf balls much. They are all good, and the notion that one company can stumble on a secret that gives them a huge performance advantage just probably isn’t realistic. Any differences between balls of a like style and price point are very minute.

So, here is my simple formula for picking a ball that you should play:
  1. Choose your price point. Decide your pain point for the overall cost of golf balls and narrow your search to balls in that range. This is probably some kind of formula that takes into account your skill level, your ego, your financial status and your devotion to golf.

  2. Choose your brand. They are all pretty darn good. I told you why I play Bridgestone, but if you just happen to like Titleist, Callaway, Nike or some other brand, play it. If it makes you feel good, play it.

  3. After #1 and #2 are satisfied, play the ball that feels the best off the putter and spins best on short shots around the greens. They are all plenty long, and you’ll save more strokes on the short shots than you will be trying to squeak out an extra few yards.
See how simple this can be? I hope you guys have some fun with this grounded advice and that your scores begin to drop because you are focused on the true performance characteristics that will make a difference.

Have a great weekend.
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reg77 says:
Great article. I've switched to the Bridgestone B-330. Used to play Titleist ProV1x. I agree with you in stating that Bridgestone makes a better product. Most people play Titleist because they have been around the longest and have such a strangle hold on the Tour players. I bet most Tour players would improve their game is they really tested all balls on the market.
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