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Report from the PGA Show

Our experience in Orlando last week was nothing short of awesome. At the demo day on Wednesday, we were covered up from the opening bell. In fact, Titleist® and many others were packed up and gone, and we still had golf professionals and retail buyers hitting shots with our SCOR4161 wedges and short irons – and the reaction was almost always the same – “WOW!”

From the start of the show itself on Thursday morning until closing at 3:00 Saturday, it was more of the same. Numerous times we didn’t have enough of us in the booth to talk to all the interested pros. We fitted several tour professionals – Champions, LPGA, Futures and Nationwide – and one of the most high-profile teachers in the game declared that “these are the best looking wedges I’ve ever seen.” (Sorry, I cannot give out names here, you understand.)

We got tons of interest from the top retail buyers in the country, international distributors and golf professionals from around the world. There is no question that SCOR4161 is a news-maker. You might have already seen some media interviews, and there are more coming in the weeks ahead. This product and its innovative, rule-breaking approach to scoring clubs has made an impact.

We also learned that the big boys are watching and noticing. Tour pros have taken our wedges into at least two of the top brand tour shops asking to get something like it. And we saw more than one bunch of gawkers at our booth wearing badges from other brands, large and small alike.

It’s highly likely that we won’t be able to build enough wedges to meet the demand we’ve generated, but we’re ramping up quickly. Watch the blog and Facebook for pics of our new facility within a month or two, and get in line for your very own SCOR4161 scoring clubs. Buy direct at, or have your pro or favorite retailer get in touch with us, because this is gonna be a wild ride.

But enough raving about what we’ve done. Let’s get on with helping all of you score better. Just send your question or topic suggestion to and it will be considered, and you’ll be entered. If you have more than one, send them in and increase your chances.
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hockeybg says:
I have been playing for just over a year now. I am starting to hit it more consistent, but have a hard time with my aim. Any ideas for improvement? Had to post here, could not access through Outlook.
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