What's your 2012 going to be about?
Even though I am fortunate to live in sunny (most of the time) South Texas, the winter still takes a toll on the old golf game. There are many days it’s just not that nice to be on the course (yes, we’re spoiled), so I am left to sit home and ponder what this golf season will bring. Or more accurately, what commitment will I make to wring more out of my golf in 2012?

For me, it’s about working toward more scoring consistency. Building this new company – SCOR Golf – from scratch in 2011 has taken its toll on my golf. I haven’t practiced or played with the frequency I like, much of the first part of the year was spent rotating clubs in and out of the bag for testing purposes, and my mind was too often on the clubs and their performance instead of just playing, scoring and having fun. So, for me, 2012 is for getting back to basics, regaining my shotmaking consistency and just focusing on getting the ball in the hole.

I’ve come back from distraction or disinterest several times in my life, and each time I do the same thing to start – bring out my well-worn copies of Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons, and more recently, my own unfinished manuscripts for two books on scoring that I have written and re-written countless times. Hogan’s book refreshes me on the core fundamentals, starting with the grip, stance and posture, and working through the proper motions of the backswing and downward swing. I remain convinced that Hogan had it right.

My own books have the working titles “The Secrets of Scoring” and “The Natural Approach to Better Putting”. The former breaks down short game technique to the raw basics that anyone can learn, and the latter’s goal is to build your putting technique around your natural eye/hand coordination that everyone has. One of these days I’ll finish and publish both . . . maybe even this year!

My point of this is to tell you that I’d bet dollars to donuts that each of you wants to play your best golf ever in 2012. So, if it’s really important . . . make a plan and work it. Set your goals, create a plan of action to attain them, and then commit to it. Your best golf will result, I promise you.

But if you do the same things you’ve done, or not done, in past winters, don’t expect different golf fortunes this year, OK?

Breaking News about SCOR Golf

I can’t keep it a secret any longer. Our brand new SCOR4161 wedges have been recognized in the new Golf Digest “Hot List” rankings in the February issue hitting newsstands and mailboxes this week. Out of hundreds and hundreds of clubs tested, this brand new product – which hasn’t even hit retail stores yet – was recognized as being among the “best of the best.” When you realize that we are the only niche brand so recognized, and the only one without ever spending a dime of advertising, this is a huge acknowledgement of the pure innovation and performance qualities this revolution in the short end of the set.

Please pardon me for bragging, but I think we’ve earned the right. I’d love the chance to prove to all of you that SCOR Golf has done to the short end of your set what metal woods and hybrids have done to the long end.
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MSchad says:
Congrats on the recognition Terry. You have made great wedges for a long time and it's nice to see your efforts recognized. To bad people here in ClubSG don't read your column as much as over on OobGolf. They don't know what they are missing. Have a great year!
lindsaya says:
Working on mental side of the game in 2012. Just read "The Golfers Mind" by Bob Rotella.
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