Spring is Coming!!!
From where we sit in mild South Texas, signs of Spring have been showing up for a couple of weeks. As we get more and more days peeking into the 70s, grass is greening up, trees are starting to bud, and golfers are taking to the courses in ever-increasing numbers. I know for many of you, looking out your windows at snow on the ground, that Spring might seem far, far away, but it's really not. Those first few acceptable or even marginal golf days are not that far away.

But good golf might be.

Most of you probably have not been swinging a golf club in your basement or garage regularly. Or putting on your indoor putting carpet. Or even stretching and exercising so that you'll be ready. The good news is that it's not too late. There are many things you can still do to "get golf ready" for that breakout practice session or first round of the season. Here are some of my suggestions:
  1. Get in shape. Golf shape, that is. Begin stretching out those winter-worn muscles with a morning and evening routine. Just a few minutes to loosen up and stretch out your legs, shoulders, back and other big muscles will get you ready to pick up where you left off last fall. One of the best golf exercises is to simply swing one of those short weighted clubs 50-60 times morning and afternoon. You won't even break a sweat, but your golf muscles will be getting the workout they need at least.

  2. Reconnect with your touch. Find a piece of close-weave carpet and begin hitting putts every day or two. There is nothing like actually hitting putts and chips to get your feel back quickly. There are a number of good, small practice chipping/pitching nets that fold up quickly to go right back into the closet. And a very cool product are the "Almost Golf" ball, which won't break anything if you chip them around the house.

  3. READ. Revisit some of your golf library, both for entertainment and instruction. Hogan's Five Lessons and Penick's Little Red Book are two of my favorites. But anything on putting, the short game, mental approach or other aspects of the game are great. One I highly suggest is David Cook's "Life's Sacred Journey – Seven Days in Utopia." Even better, read the book, then watch the movie.
So, there you have some things to begin to get your "game face" on. Let us all know if you all have any other favorite pre-season routines or suggestions. That first drive is just not that far away!
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