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As you can imagine, I have a near-obsession with observing golfers with whom I come into contact. I look at set-up and posture, backswings, downswings, impact zone and follow-through with an analytical mind. And I also study how various golfers go about their pre-shot routines and shot selection, often having a “what was he/she thinking” reaction to what I observe.

But my focus is almost always drawn to how a golfer holds the club, as I think that is the most significant key to a golfer’s potential, and it unlocks the rest of the swing . . . or absolutely prevents a golfer from ever reaching their true potential. Ben Crenshaw is also a huge admirer of a good grip, and once told me that you could tell more about a golfer by looking at his or her grip than you ever could by watching their swing action. I agree completely.

The most wonderful thing to me is that a fundamentally sound grip on the club is attainable by anyone. It doesn’t require strength, and it isn’t discriminating against those with physical restrictions or limitations. It doesn’t take a driving range to learn and practice a good grip; you can do it in your office while you are on the phone, on your sofa while watching the news or a ball game, golf tournament, etc.

So the amazing thing is . . . why the heck to the vast majority of golfers have such lousy grip fundamentals? If you don’t have a proper hold on the golf club, there is no way that a fundamentally sound swing can result. The exact positioning of the hands on the club allows all the other things to happen like they should. But I see more golfers hold the club like it was an axe, a baseball bat, a shovel or a ham sandwich than anything else. I’ll guarantee you that you can see all kinds of swing moves on the professional tours, but it is rare to see a golfer performing at that level with anything but a near-perfect grip.

We’re coming into fall, and many of you are dreading the end of the season. But what better time is there to make a commitment to really improving your game for next year? And there is no better place to start that by changing the connection between you and the club.

I’m so serious about this that I’m going to devote the next 2-3 columns on the fundamentals of a good grip, and how all of you can get there. If you are an accomplished player of low single-digit or better, this might not be as interesting to you as some of my other columns. But if you have room to improve, I can assure you that a better grip on the club is the first building block to making dramatic progress.

Have a great weekend guys, and the grip overhaul will begin on Tuesday.
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el_pato_real says:
I can't of my favorite topics!
bus511 says:
Just changed my grip. Maybe he can make it even better!
RuffandReady says:
spot on with those comments..the grip is crucial.
IGHackett says:
I am looking forward to reading your comments about the golf grip. I have days when my grip feels great and other days when the golf club feels like a foreign object in my hands, help with fundamentals would be great.
Jef96 says:
Looking forward to this one as I often struggle
TJ (Retired) says:
It's been four days now. He said it would be on Tuesday and it is now Thursday. Patiently waiting.
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