Meet SCOR4161...
Well, it’s official. We launched the new website yesterday, and the story of SCOR4161 is out for all of the world’s golfers to see and contemplate. As I mentioned, this product is a far cry above “just wedges”, as we’ve addressed the entire short end of the set, for any golfer.

The logic behind this revolutionary product is indisputable. Short irons that look like your 6-iron just cannot give you the trajectory control you are seeking in scoring range. Wedges that all have the same weighting cannot optimize ball control across the entire range of lofts. And a break in club design, shaft and balance right in the middle of “money range” just doesn’t make sense. So we’ve stepped way outside the box and have challenged decades of “conventional wisdom” about golf clubs. But months of testing with golfers of all skill levels has proven to us that this is a departure from the norm that is sorely needed in our bags. We can’t wait to prove it to you.

I want to thank all of my readers here at for your feedback and comments to my articles over the past few years. Your input was a big part of how this idea came about. Some say we’ve taken a risk to try to change golfers’ minds about how their set of clubs should be put together. But it’s often said that without risk there can be no reward. What was the risk taken by Gary Adams when he introduced the original metal wood? Or Eli Callaway when he introduced Big Bertha®? Barney Adams with Tight Lies®? Soft Spikes?

Little companies with big ideas have always been what’s shaped the golf club landscape, and we hope to join