A Wedge By Any Other Name
I write this column every Tuesday in response to a question from a reader – and give away a FREE EIDOLON V-SOLE wedge – but today I’ve decided to change things up a bit and ask you guys and ladies a few questions of my own. Don’t worry, I’m still going to give away an EIDOLON wedge this week, and I’ll tell you at the end how to give yourself a chance to win it. But for now, TheWedgeGuy has a survey of sorts that I’d like to invite all of you to chime in on, if you wouldn’t mind helping me understand a little more about how things are out there in your world.

1. What’s it called? Almost every golfer carries three or four wedges that generally fall into the categories of Pitching, Gap, Sand or Lob, right? But almost all wedges on the market today have a number on them indicating loft; I haven’t see a wedge with and “S” or “G” or “L” on it in ages. So here are my first few questions:
  • When you hit a wedge shot and your buddy asks what you hit, how do you reply?

  • If you are shopping for wedges, do you shop by number or name?

  • How do you determine what loft numbers you want to have in your bag?

2. How & when do you use it? Facing the dozen or more wedge shots in a round of golf can get confusing. I’m assuming each of you has a system or method of choosing the right one for the shot at hand. So here is my next batch of questions.
  • Do you use your “P club” for anything but full swing shots?

  • Do you have a “go to” wedge for most greenside shots, or do you vary that based on the shot at hand?

  • Which one of your wedges gets the most use? The least?
3. Do they match? Most of us put together our sets of 14 clubs in a somewhat random fashion – driver here, fairway woods there, hybrids, irons, wedges and putter. Most bags I observe have at least 2-3 brands represented, with as many as 4-5 different models of clubs/shafts/grips.
  • Do your wedges all match each other?

  • Do your wedges have anything in common with your irons? Same brand, shaft, flex, etc?

  • Do your hybrids match your fairway woods and/or your irons?
Thanks for giving me your thoughts on these subjects. I’m looking forward to the dialog. And the more the better, so I’ll make this deal with you. For each twenty responders to this column over the next week, I’ll give away a FREE EIDOLON V-SOLE wedge to one of them. I have written some columns that have received over 200 comments, so if we get there, I’ll be giving away 20 FREE wedges. Please understand I want as many of you to chime in as possible, and while I always enjoy reading the dialog between you, I’ll only be counting unique responders/contributors, OK?

Thanks for playing along and I look forward to hearing from all of you on this one.
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Jay848 says:
1.a)Ususally by telling him that soliciting shot advice is a 2 stroke giving the degree of the loft and percent of swing.
b)I usually get wedges to fill gaps in my distances. I always have them bent to specific lofts to achieve this.
c)I usually keep irons at 4* differences and wedges at 4-6* (depending on course needs)
b)Varies based on shot needs (can be anything from a hybrid to a 58* or 60* wedge
c)I would say that my 50* wedge gets used most and 58* least
b)Same brand, shaft, flex, etc? Shafts are the same brand and flex from 4 iron to 58* wedge.
c)My hybrids, fwy woods, and driver all have the same shaft and flex, but different shaft weights
Maldonadt says:
1. What’s it called? When you hit a wedge shot and your buddy asks what you hit, how do you reply?
o Pitching, gap, sand, or lob wedge
• If you are shopping for wedges, do you shop by number or name?
o I shop by number/degree
• How do you determine what loft numbers you want to have in your bag?
o I try to keep no more than 4 degrees difference between wedges
o P=47 G=52 S=56 L=60

2. How & when do you use it? Do you use your “P club” for anything but full swing shots?
o I use it for full, chip, and pitching shots
• Do you have a “go to” wedge for most greenside shots, or do you vary that based on the shot at hand?
o It varies based on what I intend to do and what will work best for me.
• Which one of your wedges gets the most use? The least?
o Gap wedge most used and sand wedge least used (only for sand shots)
3. Do they match.
• Do your wedges all match each other?
o My Gap, Sand and Lob wedges are the same Cleveland
o Pitching is TaylorMade MC Tour preferred.
• Do your wedges have anything in common with y
Xcrunner says:
1 a. I use three cleveland wedges(46*, 50*, & 58*) and a zevo sand wedge(~54*). So i answer either what degree club or sand wedge
b. When I replaced my PW that came with the set, I shopped for a wedge with similar loft, but also considered manufacturer.
c. With the research I did, there was a lot of recommendation to gap wedges at 4 degree intervals... so I went with that and it seems to work well

2. a. I have used my 46* (replacement for stock PW) for everything from full swing 110yard shots to flop shots from within 20 yards to carry a bunker with a tight pin... but my favorite is a low pitch from about 75 yards
b.I vary depending mostly on the lie... 58* for fairway, sand wedge for thick rough...
c. I feel I use my wedges equally

3. a. I have 3 cleveland wedges and 1 zevo sand wedge
b. The only similarity between them is the stiff flex
c. Hybrids, irons, 3W, and driver are adams. 3 cleveland wedges and zevo sand wedge; taylor made rescue; odyssey putter
el_pato_real says:
1. What's it called?
-I usually just respond "wedge"...then someone says, "okay, which one smart *ss?"
-I want consistent gaps through my set. My PW is 47*, then a 50*, 54*, and a
2. How and When?
-Yes...I like to hit flighted approach shots in the wind...the course I play most frequently has a lot of big old cottonwood trees that hang over the fairways...nice to be able to play a 100 yard shot under them.
-I use my 58* for most greenside shots. However, I find myself chipping with 7i off the fairway/fringe if it is fairly flat.
-Because of greenside shots, the 58* gets the most time. The 50* gets the least. Not really sure why, though.

3. Do they match?
-Not counting my PW, my wedges match.
-Yes...same shaft, grip... I also have them bent 1* upright (my irons are mizuno and 2 upright, wedges are titleist) hybrid is the same year and make as my driver.
ChefJK says:
Here are my answers:
1a) I reply with the degree of the wedge.
1b) I shop by number. To make sure that the gaps are correct.
1c) I take the degree of my Iron "P" and then set my gap numbers, so there even.
2a) I do use my "P" for some half shots in distance, but very rarely for shots around the green.
2b) My normal "go to" would be my 58*. However I do take into consideration what type of shot that I would like to play.
2c) Overall I would have to say my 58* For the least it's a 52* bent to 50.5* It's a distance gap wedge that I require a full club b/c of the higher flight and not wanting to force a higher loft or having to put to much thought into a touch "P".
3a) All my wedges do match other than my "P". My, "P", 47* is a Mizuno MP-58 that matches my iron set. My other wedges are Taylor Made xFT's.
3b) The only thing in common are my grips.
3c) Yes hybrid does match my DR and Wood. All are Taylor Made products.

Grips (not counting putter) are all the same. Stiff flex for all but wedges.
rbalaam says:
1a. I am one of those guys that still has the “S” and “P” on his wedges; no numbers. I tell him “sand wedge” or “pitching wedge”; guess that is why there is always a pause in their response!
1b. I try to match degree with what I have. I ask the salesmen to do the match with my "S" and "P" and then look for a third wedge with more loft (lob?)
1c. I use “P” between 95 yards and 86 yards, and the “S” for everything 85 yards or less from the pin.
2a. I base my club selection on distance, most of the time, and vary the length of my backswing based on the distance of carry.
2b. I really like my sand wedge. I guess it is because I seem to have better control with the shorter clubs.
2c. Most = sand wedge; least = pitching wedge
3a. Yes they are part of the set my son gave me.
3b. Yes, they are all the same “lesser name” brand with the same steel shaft and flex.
3c. My 4 hybrid is the same make as the irons, I have changed the 3 hybrid to a different brand.
Latin Dancer says:
1a. I respond in a language I think they'll understand. "None of your business unless you really want a 2 stroke penalty". Alternatively, in practive my 54 degree bent to 55 is my sand wedge.
1b. I shop by look, number, then name. If I was being sensible it should be ease of use.
1c.A balance between the lofts of my irons (maintaining gaps) and the sort of course i regularly play.

2a. No. I use it like a wedge IE Partial swings, chips, bump & runs and out of sand called for.
2b. As above, each shot is potentially different. I try to use the one I feel is right for the occasion.
2c. I'm not sure! But the 59 degree gets the least.

3a. Yes, all Cleveland.
3b. My wedges do not match my irons (Mizuno). However, following discussion with the club fitter the shafts are similar (as the same were not available).
3c. My hybrid (Ping) has a similar flex (not identical) to my irons (Mizuno) and driver (Cleveland).
gone_skiing says:
1a) Name (PW, SW, LW).
1b) I shop by number. To make sure that the gaps are correct.
1c) I don't carry a Gap wedge and I like having a 60* so I use a 54* sand to split the difference.
2a) Yes. I chip with lots of clubs depending on the carry vs roll distances. Also for longer pitches from tight lies to avoid the bounce on my SW.
2b) I vary it by the type of shot. That being said I do tend to use the 54* SW the most.
2c) My 54* SW gets the most use by far. My 60* LW gets the least use but it's great to have when I need it.
3a) PW matches my irons, 54&60 match each other.
3b) Grips match. Currently the wedges are X-flex and irons are S-flex but that'll be remedied soon. They are all TM.
3c) I don't carry any hybrids. My woods and Driver do not match.
Allenrobinette says:
1. PW standard
2. G Gapwedge
3. 60 degree cleveland
4. 54 degree titelist Volkey
Norwen says:
Hi Terry - greetings from OZ.
1. I generally refer to my wedges as Pitching, Gap (52) Sand (56) and Lob (60).
Norwen says:
Hi Terry - 1. Pitching, Gap (52) Sand (56) and Lob (60)altnough . I would shop by number and lie.
Discussed it with the pro I bought them from - would do the same again. My current irons - 6 to PW are Callaway Fusions. 2. I often use it to get out of some heavy stuff in the rough provided I have a back swing. My 56 for around the green and from greenside bunkers - however, I tend to use my Texas Wedge around the green as it provides me with a better % change of getting it close. My 56 and PW get the most use. The Lob and Gap would be about equal.
3. My 3 Vokeys match and the PW matches my irons with a graphine shaft. The Vokeys have steel shafts and the same grips - just been changed. My three Hybrids (Titlest Dual 3, 4 and 5) all have the same shafts and grips - I carry a Callaway Steelhead (silver) 3W. My driver is a Taylor Made CGB Max.
Chatz says:
Here are my answers:
1a) I would reply with the number of the wedge.
1b) I shop by number.
1c) To spread the loft starting with my Ping i15 W and then set my gap numbers, so there even.
2a) I use my W for half shots and chips around the green depending on the ratio of flight and run.
2b) My "go to" would be my 52* for confidence.
2c) I would say my 58* is the the least used.
3a) My wedges don't match my W is a Ping i15 white dot for 2* upright with 1/2 inch extended shaft whilst my 52 & 58 are standard Mizuno MP-58 with 1/2 inch shaft extension.
3b) The only thing in common are my grips, all fitted with Ping standard white, although I do prefare these to be fattened.
3c) No my hybrid don't match I have a 20* i15 and a 24* Nike CPR, my fairway woods are G5 whilst my driver is a K15.

Regular flex for all.
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