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I’ve been taking a break from playing golf the past few weeks, as I found I was just burned out a bit. That happens to me occasionally, as running a golf company and writing this blog keeps me pretty immersed in the game. I don’t expect any of you to “cry me a river”, as it seems like I have the dream job . . . and I do. But I live golf pretty much 24/7, so sometimes it’s nice to just take a few weeks away from playing and re-charge the golf batteries.

Besides, this is a special time of year for me as a bird hunter and saltwater fly fisherman, so I like to spend as many days as possible in the field with my Lab Ria, or on the water stalking shallow-water redfish with the long rod. I enjoyed both pursuits this past week and it was exhilarating and refreshing. But I did dust off the sticks yesterday for a charity golf scramble with some friends to raise money for a local scholarship effort. Hmmmm, that was kind of interesting.

So, I hadn’t had a golf club in my hands – other than in the EIDOLON shop – in over a month, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I went to the range and started with some soft wedge shots of various lengths, just to get a feel for impact. Then I worked my way up through some full wedges, short irons, a few mid-irons then about a dozen drivers. Just trying to find a pace and rhythm/tempo that felt somewhat normal. So I went to the first tee, ripped a nice drive and cut a little 5-iron to about a foot and a half. Nice start. But from there it was kind of an adventure, with very good shots interspersed with some that were pretty squirrely. Oh well. We had fun, and the cause made money. And that’s what it was all about.

But I got to thinking that over the past few years, I’ve come to know a few of you “regulars” pretty well, and appreciate your passion for this crazy game we play. But I thought today it would be fun to ask all of you to chime in and share with us your “other vices” – like mine for shotguns and Labs, and fly rods and redfish. What do you guys do when golf is not on the agenda? Let’s have some fun and get to know each other a bit.

And I’m going to ask all of you to send me a question about golf, equipment and/or the short game – I’m getting low on subjects to write about on Tuesdays, along with candidates for that EIDOLON wedge I give away every week.

Thanks and share your stories, boys and girls. Speaking of that, I’d like to see more of our lady readers participating. Are you out there, ladies?

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ZOO says:
Saltwater fish tanks, gardening, video/computer games, movies, etc. etc. I've done it all... and mastered nothing.
scottishguyiniowa says:
I'd have to say playing Tiger Woods on the Wii, so far I can beat the game but I've not played online yet so that's next.
10/23/10 says:
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