Why SkyGolf 360 Handicaps Are Not Official
How SkyGolf 360 Handicaps Differ From Official USGA Handicaps

SkyGolf 360 provides each user with an unofficial handicap that does not meet all requirements of the U.S.G.A. handicapping system. A SkyGolf 360 handicap cannot be used in U.S.G.A. sanctioned tournaments or events and should be considered strictly for recreational and informational purposes.

Some of the key areas where our calculations differ from the U.S.G.A. are outlined below:

5 Score Minimum
The U.S.G.A. requires a minimum of 5 scores to be entered before providing any handicap. Based on the demand for instant gratification by our members we display a handicap after a single score is posted to SkyGolf 360.

Revision Dates
SkyGolf 360 adjusts handicaps with the posting of each score. An official handicap is reviewed by a Handicap Committee and revised at predetermined dates. These revision dates are determined by local association rules and thus SkyGolf 360 cannot enforce a nationwide schedule nor do we review all scores.

Golf Club Membership
The U.S.G.A. requires that official handicap indexes are issued by a conforming Golf Club. Conforming golf clubs require that all members live within 50 miles of the club's principal location. Each club must also have a set of bylaws and a handicapping committee responsible for the club, its members and its rules. The head of the golf club must also attend a USGA Handicapping Seminar.

Peer Review
Official handicap indexes require that members of the club have "reasonable and regular opportunity to play together". This includes the ability of a handicapping committee to review all scores, members playing at least 3 scores with other members, members playing in at least 1 club-sponsored event per year. It also requires all members to provide the club with proof of identification.

Calculation formula
There are formula differences between the handicaps. Thus, a golfer's SkyGolf 360 handicap may differ somewhat from their U.S.G.A. Handicap Index®. A golfer's SkyGolf 360 handicap will be similar to a U.S.G.A. Handicap Index® and, thus, may give the golfer insight into what his U.S.G.A Handicap Index® will be. It may not be exactly the same though.

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