SkyGolf 360 Posting Rules
SkyGolf has set out to create the premier online community for golf, where golfers can get better connected with their game, their course, their teacher and other golfers.

SkyGolf strives to achieve the traditions of golf. Golf has always been a gentleman’s and gentlewoman’s sport. Honesty, integrity and respect- respect for the game and respect for fellow golfers- is, and has always been, the hallmark of golf. They are ideals that SkyGolf seeks to interject in its online golf community, every bit as much as they are found on the course and throughout the great history of golf.

Like the Rules of Golf govern our play throughout the course, these Posting Rules govern use of the SkyGolf 360 forums. And, just as a Rules Official may impose a penalty stroke on those who violate the Rules of Golf during tournament play, or even disqualify a golfer from the tournament altogether, so too may a SkyGolf 360 rules official impose penalties or disqualifications for violations of these Posting Rules. If you do not agree to any of these rules, you should not post on any of the SkyGolf 360 forums.

WARNING! Your posting on this forum will become public. Your text will be available to anyone with an internet connection.

Agreement to Rules; Enforcement by SkyGolf. By using SkyGolf 360, including by posting on one of the forums, you agree to abide by these Posting Rules. SkyGolf reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without explanation or notification, to remove, modify or move posts. Just like ignorance of the law is not an excuse, ignorance of these Posting Rules is not an excuse for their violation. If you post on one of the forums, SkyGolf will assume that you have read and understood these Posting Rules. SkyGolf reserves the right to modify and amend these Posting Rules at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to remain informed of current SkyGolf 360 Rules before posting.

SkyGolf may, regardless of your account settings, contact you regarding these Rules, your posts or any of your account activity. While SkyGolf will generally try to warn posters of any violation of these Posting Rules, SkyGolf is under no obligation to do so before taking action for Rules violations.

SkyGolf reserves the right to suspend or permanently terminate the privilege of anyone to post on the SkyGolf 360 forums in SkyGolf’s sole discretion, including, without limitation, where SkyGolf deems any post to violate either these Posting Rules or the spirit of these Rules.

Overarching Rule. The overarching rule for posting is, appropriately enough, expressed in Section I of the official Rules of Golf:

The game relies on the integrity of the individual to show consideration for other players and to abide by the Rules. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be. This is the spirit of the game of golf.

Official Rules of Golf, Section I

General Rules

General Principle 1: All posters must conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy.
  • Specific Rules

    • Posts must be respectful of others, even if one disagrees with the opinions expressed by others.

    • Posts must not be rude or discourteous.

    • Post must not be a personal attack on others; if you disagree with the opinion or statement of another, you must limit your post to an honest debate of the opinion or statement and refrain from attacks on the person.

    • Abuse, ridicule, mockery or childish insults of others are prohibited.

    • This isn’t the Jerry Springer Show, if you want drama, turn on the Lifetime Network.

General Principle 2: The SkyGolf 360 forums are intended to provide golfers a positive environment where they can better connect to their game, their course, their teacher and other golfers, unfettered by overly negative remarks that lack the decorum inherent in the spirit of the game of golf as expressed in Section I of the official Rules of Golf.
  • Specific Rules

    • Posts must present issues, statements or opinions in a positive, factual way that encourages a sportsmanlike discussion that is informative, enjoyable and advances the fair and proper exchange of ideas.

    • Flaming— the practice of creating a thread for the purpose of eliciting a negative response from the community— is prohibited.

    • While frank discussions about products, courses and matters relating to golf are encouraged, criticisms—whether of SkyCaddie® products or that of others— must be presented in a constructive manner, be factually accurate, be based on the poster’s personal experience or firsthand knowledge and be presented without hyperbole, histrionics or pedantic rhetoric.

    • Negative comments that go beyond constructive criticism are prohibited.

    • Posts must be factually accurate, with proper support.

    • Opinions must not be expressed as fact, and the poster must have a good faith basis for the opinion held based on personal experience or knowledge.

    • If a post includes quotes, the source of the quotation must be cited.

    • Overly long posts tend to be boorish, not read and render forums unappealing to others, so posts must be succinct and pithy.

    • Posts should be limited to 150 words or less—you’re writing an internet post, not authoring WAR AND PEACE—and no, SkyGolf is not going to be counting the words in every post, just keep it in the ball park, okay.

    • Posts must not be overly argumentative—fair and honest debate is encouraged, opinionated rants are not.

    • Each forum is generally devoted to a single subject, so posts should stay on point.

    • Posts which repeat the same issues in multiple forums, particularly criticisms, are prohibited; if you have something proper under these Rules to say about an issue, keep it in the original forum.

    • Witty discourse is encouraged, but sarcasms or negative toned remarks are not; statements like, “Still waiting on a response SkyCaddie” or “Where are you SkyCaddie, haven’t heard from you,” fall in the latter category.

    • Communication is more than just words, it’s also tone, so posts whose words may fall within these Rules may still fall outside these Rules because their tone falls outside these Rules or the spirit of these Rules.

General Principle 3: The SkyGolf 360 forums are intended to help improve your game through use of SkyCaddie®’s game improvement technology, help SkyCaddie® members better use and understand their SkyCaddie® device and advance SkyCaddie® products generally.
  • Specific Rules:

    • Posts which help out other members by, for example, providing hints, tips or other helps on how to use SkyCaddie products or which relate a member’s successful experience in a similar situation, are encouraged. This is the kind of positive exchange that members find most helpful and most enjoyable.

    • Posts which simply criticize SkyCaddie® products or SkyGolf business or technical choices in the guise of helping other members do not help members better understand or use their SkyCaddie® product nor do they make visiting the SkyGolf 360 forums enjoyable for others, and are prohibited.

    • Open and frank posts about SkyCaddie® products are encouraged, but such posts must be a genuine effort to advance improvements in SkyCaddie® products in a manner proper under these Rules and not simply to ridicule or criticize SkyCaddie® products or SkyGolf policies or to point out technical or incidental differences for the sake of being critical or argumentative.

    • SkyGolf may, from time to time, respond to specific posts when it deems appropriate or necessary, but given the number of posts on the forums and the need to address some issues in another more appropriate venue or manner, SkyGolf is unable to directly respond to most posts, and posts must not make an adverse conclusion from the failure of SkyGolf to respond to specific posts or issues.

    • Posts which attempt to evoke a response from SkyGolf beyond normal efforts to better understand or use SkyCaddie® products, to engage SkyGolf in a continuing debate or argument over its products, policies or practices or which are deemed argumentative are prohibited.

    • Posts which discuss SkyCaddie® products must be based on the poster’s personal experience or firsthand knowledge, and not be based on conjecture, speculation or hearsay statements of others.

    • Posts must not discourage others from purchasing a SkyCaddie® product.

    • SkyGolf spends a great deal of time and resources in the technical design and manufacture of SkyCaddie® products and has a technical information base about those products which those outside SkyGolf do not possess, so posts which contradict or call into question SkyGolf’s technical product instructions or advice or which state technical specifications that differ from those announced by SkyGolf are prohibited. Such contradictions do not help members understand or use their SkyCaddie® products and may even be detrimental to a member’s use of his or her SkyCaddie® product.

    • Posts which encourage members to handle, treat or repair their SkyCaddie® device in a manner inconsistent with SkyGolf instructions or recommendations are prohibited.

    • Posts which encourage members to game or otherwise improperly avoid SkyGolf policies or practices are prohibited.

    • Posts may not recommend or promote other golf GPS or laser rangefinders or game improvement products or services that compete with SkyGolf products or services— after all, this is SkyGolf’s forum, we’re not paying to promote our competitors’ products.

General Principle 4: The SkyGolf 360 forums are a gathering place to talk golf and to connect to the game and other golfers, not advance personal pursuits, causes or agendas.
  • Specific Rules:

    • SkyGolf 360 forums are a place to talk about golf, share your golfing experiences and connect in a positive way to the game and other golfers about all things golf; they are not a place to advance personal, business, political or other agendas or ventures.

    • Posts that are commercial in nature or which solicit members for feedback or suggestions about the poster’s products or services are prohibited.

    • Posts may not solicit members for any project or purpose external to the expressed purpose of the forums—whether public, private or commercial.

    • Posts which attempt to “mine” SkyCaddie® members by individuals, groups or businesses, whether for profit or not for profit, are prohibited.

    • Trolling, encouraging or eliciting support for lawsuits, other legal proceedings or group boycotts or action—whether or not involving SkyCaddie® products—is prohibited.

    • Posts may not direct others to any pages of their own domain.

    • Posts may not ask that others contact the poster.

    • Spam—the promotion of non-SkyGolf goods or services—is prohibited.

    • Posting of commission, referral or affiliate links is prohibited.

    • Posters may not compensate, or be compensated, for any review, recommendation or post.

General Principle 5: Posts must not violate the law or legal rights of others and must not contain indecent, obscene, inflammatory or inappropriate material.
  • Specific Rules:

    • Posts that constitute or encourage unlawful action are prohibited.

    • Posts must not violate the intellectual property rights of others, including rights under patent, trademark, copyright or trade secret law.

    • Posts must not contain material that is slanderous or libelous or that tends to defame the character of others.

    • Posts must not contain material, or link in any manner to material, that is pornographic, sexually explicit, obscene, profane, indecent, inflammatory, graphically violent or otherwise inappropriate for a general family audience.

    • Posts may not use place holding characters—as for example, * & % $ #, letters or other symbols—to disguise the true meaning of a word, URL or other message in a post.

    • If you would not say it in front of your pastor, priest, rabbi or other spiritual advisor, don’t say it here.

General Principle 6: Posts must conform to these Rules, both in letter and spirit, and SkyGolf has the right, in its sole discretion, to interpret and enforce these Rules and to remove, modify or move posts and suspend or permanently terminate the privilege of anyone to post on the SkyGolf 360 forums.
  • Specific Rules:

    • SkyGolf is the sole interpreter of these Rules and may interpret and apply these Rules in its sole discretion.

    • SkyGolf encourages honest debate within these Rules, but the SkyGolf 360 forums are a private online website owned by SkyGolf. SkyGolf isn’t the government, so the First Amendment doesn’t apply here.

    • SkyGolf may remove, modify or move posts, and may suspend or permanently terminate the privilege of anyone to post on these forums, all in its sole discretion.

    • Posts must conform to these Rules, both in letter and spirit. A post may be within the letter of these Rules but still be outside these Rules because it is outside the spirit of these Rules.

    • Posts debating these Rules, SkyGolf’s enforcement of these Rules or any decision by SkyGolf under these Rules are prohibited.

    • Posts which, in intent or effect, attempt to circumvent these Rules are prohibited.

    • Posters may not re-post a post, in whole or in part, including the title of the post, which has been deleted or modified by SkyGolf.

    • Cross-posting—the process of posting new or duplicate threads or linking to or directing attention to threads already started to gain additional attention—is prohibited.

    • So-called “bumping”—the process of posting useless or trivial information, using one line posts or other efforts to keep the thread hot or bring it to the top of its forum—is prohibited.

    • Splitting a post into multiple posts to avoid these Rules or otherwise gain attention on a thread is prohibited.

    • Quoting one’s self or copying one’s previous post to avoid these Rules is prohibited.

General Principle 7: Posters are responsible for their account activity and must respect the privacy and safety of SkyGolf personnel.
  • Specific Rules

    • Your account is your responsibility, and you are responsible for any activity created with it.

    • You may not share your account login information with anyone, and if you do, you will be responsible for any posts created through your account.

    • You may not post on behalf of a banned member.

    • If your user name is the same as your URL or company name, you cannot use it.

    • You may not post any personal information about a SkyGolf employee or representative, including their name, phone number or email address.

    • You may not post any one-on-one communications with a SkyGolf employee or representative, as these communications often deal with your unique situation and may not be applicable to other members of the community or may be confusing to them.

    • Any abuse towards SkyGolf staff and/or management in any form is prohibited.

    • The SkyGolf 360 forums are administered by a different department than customer service, so if you have a support issue requiring a product return or exchange, please call customer service and do not post that request in the forums.

Custom Usernames, Profiles, and Stat Tracking. The following rules and information govern usernames, profiles and stat tracking:
  • The custom username and profile picture options are edited via your Profile. Custom usernames and profile pictures are shown in your public profile.

  • URLs or other forms of advertising (phone numbers, plans, contact details, etc.) are not allowed in custom user titles or names. Also, you may not use custom titles to impersonate, or attempt to impersonate SkyGolf Support members, user groups, or any entity you are not associated with.

  • Your location field cannot include URLs or other forms of advertising.

  • Profile pictures cannot include sexually explicit or graphically intense images.

  • Profile Summary (and all other modules) cannot include or link to illegal encouragement, harassment, sexually explicit, or other non-family-friendly content.

SkyGolf Is Not Responsible for Posts of Others. In light of our policy of encouraging candid, open exchanges of views within these Rules and the rapid distribution of information originating from many sources, SkyGolf cannot determine the accuracy of information that may be uploaded to the forum by individuals other than SkyGolf employees. Opinions, advice and all other information expressed by participants in discussions are solely those of the author and not SkyGolf or SkyGolf employees. You rely on such information at your own risk. You are urged to seek professional advice for specific, individual situations and not rely solely on advice or opinions given in the discussions. SkyGolf does not remove posts or accounts on request, but if you believe a post is improper, contact the SkyGolf forum administrator and SkyGolf will determine appropriate action.

SkyGolf’s Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy. SkyHawke Technologies, LLC (herein referred to as “SkyGolf”) does not accept or consider unsolicited ideas, including ideas for new advertising campaigns, new promotions, new or improved products or technologies, product enhancements, processes, materials, marketing plans or new product names. Please do not submit any unsolicited ideas, original creative artwork, suggestions or other works (“submissions”) in any form to SkyGolf or any of its employees. The purpose of this policy is to avoid potential misunderstandings or disputes when SkyGolf’s products or marketing strategies might seem similar to ideas submitted to SkyGolf. If, despite our request that you not send us your ideas, you still submit them, then regardless of what your letter says, the following terms shall apply to your submissions:

Terms of Idea Submission. By submitting ideas to SkyGolf, you agree that:
  1. your submissions and their contents will automatically become the property of SkyGolf, without any compensation to you;

  2. SkyGolf may use or redistribute the submissions and their contents, and may make derivative works based thereon, for any purpose and in any way without compensation to you in any manner;

  3. there is no obligation for SkyGolf to review the submission; and

  4. there is no obligation for SkyGolf to keep any submissions confidential.

Privacy Policy. SkyGolf’s general privacy policy is applicable to SkyGolf 360 forums, with several notable and significant exceptions:
  1. Your posting on this forum will become public, and your text, username, country and join date will be available to anyone with an internet connection.

  2. We do not monitor private messages, but we will investigate all allegations of PM abuse if reported to us.

  3. If there are any rules or policies you do not understand, please contact us using our Contact Form.

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