How To Use "Mark Ball" Function
Did you know you can use the "Mark Ball" feature on your SkyCaddie to record additional stats in SkyGolf 360?

If you are keeping your score on your SkyCaddie device it will record your first marked ball distance on each hole and upload it with your scorecard to SkyGolf 360. We capture your Distance Off Tee and you can use that stat to help you analyze your game in more detail. You can also take things a step further by manually capturing what club you are using on each tee shot and entering that data after the round into your scorecard on SkyGolf 360. We can then show you what club hits the most fairways and you can know exactly how far you hit each club.

If you haven't been using the mark ball feature- or just want a quick refresher, here's what you do. On the right is a SkyCaddie SG5 and we've circled the Mark Ball button in red. Every SkyCaddie has a button for this purpose.

To use this feature for collecting stats you will need to mark the ball location on the tee, and also mark the ball location prior to your next shot. To mark the ball location, hit the "Mark Shot" button. If you have marked the location of the ball previously on that hole it will show you the distance to that point. From here you can select the "Mark" soft key to switch into marking mode. The SkyCaddie will then prompt you to mark ball location, which can be confirmed with the "mark" soft key. The distance between the first two ball locations per hole will be saved as the driving distance for that hole and uploaded when you Sync (SG3, SG3.5, SG4, SG5).

To see the Distance Off Tee stat, you may need to add it to your profile. To do that- Click "EDIT SETTINGS" from your "HOME" page and click "+ TRACK A NEW STAT." The one you need to add is "Distance Off Tee." For more info on adding stats you can click here.

If you have any questions, please ask them below. For any other questions relating to tracking your scores on your SkyCaddie you can also check out our indepth SCORING GUIDE.

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SteveTheBogeyman says:
Hey, I think these are great features you guys are providing for us. Keep up the good work!
golf6215 says:
The SG5 is a great device... The new features you offer are great... Thanks!
thisisrobbo says:
I can see much button pressing already, everyone likes to know how far they are behind Tiger and company, even after you have "smoked" one.
shooter001 says:
What a machine.!!!!!!!!!!!
ian171 says:
Looking forward to the new features (slopes on the greens and over head view) next season......any plans to enhance the stat tracking function to include GIR, fairways, putts etc?
ian171 says:
Just reading more info about stats and I guess one can track more items than I previously realized....I have some investigating to do
SteveTheBogeyman says:
I own a SG4, and I've tried to do the procedure described here, but when I upload my scores I don't get the distance off the tee. I also don't know how to go back and look at that stat in my skycaddie after the round is completed. Any help?
klangdon says:
Steve, I see distance off the tee on your score here:

That data will feed some of the reporting/charting like this one:

I don't think you can currently review that data from on the SkyCaddie itself, only on ClubSG.
quietriot says:
I will be playing a course in a few weeks that has the HOLEVUE feature. It looks awesome. I cant wait.
SanDiegoLee says:
Distance off the tee is interesting, but most tee shots are the driver and that distance is soon established. I have a real need to gather data on the irons in the real world conditions. Right now, I mark each hit and recored the distance on my score card with the club used. Later I enter that data in an Excel spread sheet to get the average and mean distances. Is there a way this data can be accumulated in the SkyCaddie and then downloaded onto your site?
klangdon says:
Yes, if you start storing "Distance off Tee" for every hole along with "Club off Tee" it will do this for each club. You can also add to your stats "Driving Distance" which will automatically pull out each "Distance off Tee" where "Dr" is selected in "Club off Tee".
SteveTheBogeyman says:
OK, now I'm confused. You said that I can store my "club off tee" in my skycaddie? Is this only available on certain devices, or can it be done on a SG4? Also, just so I'm doing this ball marking correctly, when I stand on the tee box I push the 'mark' button, then softkey 'mark new ball location'. Then whenb I arrive at my ball I push 'mark' button again, then what? My skycaddie screen says 'mark new ball location' or 'exit'. I've been pushing the 'exit' button. Is this correct? TX,sd
CaddieHack says:
The SkyCaddie itself does not store the "Club Off Tee", this is something you would have to enter into your score manually in ClubSG.

The process for marking the distance is as you say "Mark" at the tee location, then "Mark" again at the ball location. From here you need to select the "mark new ball location" to confirm you are at your destination an not just in the view distance from mark mode. After this you will see a "Ball Marked" message indicating the second mark has been made and the distance between the two points has been saved.
Norwen says:
Stillhaving problems getting this to record on my SG5 - is this correct - Mark Ball - Left Soft Key (LSK) - Mark Ball on arrival at the balls location - then LSK twice or just once? or is it Mark Ball - Mark Ball on arrival at location then LSK? I have tried different methods for the last four rounds and hav still not got it to work. I have had to record the distance manually and put into the score sheet after sync the SkyCaddie at the end of the round.
sturner50 says:
I had the same problem that you speak of. Here is what I did and it works for me. While standing on the tee I push the "Mark ball" button. The screen shows "Mark New Ball Location?" I then push the left soft key (LSK). This will mark the ball. I then hit my tee shot. When I arrive at my ball, I again press the "Mark ball" button. The screen will display the distance from my shot. I then press the LSK twice. After the first press the screen displays "Mark New Shot." The second press will store the first shot in the unit. Here are the steps.
1 - Press Mark ball
2 - Press LSK
3 - Hit tee shot and go to location of ball
4 - Arrive at ball and press Mark ball button
5 - Press LSK to mark distance
6 - Press LSK to mark next shot distance

I found that you must press the LSK twice when you get to your shot. I don't worry about my second shot and don't record the distance. Also, when I get to my next tee box, the SG5 knows that I am marking a new ball location.
Legobricke says:
WOW! I just found this! I must try this out on the next round... Now I'm curious how it computes GIR....
dansensel says:
"Legobricke says:
WOW! I just found this! I must try this out on the next round... Now I'm curious how it computes GIR...."
It computed GIR from your score entry. If you score a 4 with 2 putts on a par four then it knows you had to be on the green after two shots, so GIR. It does this math on every hole where you enter score and number of putts.
Slowrunr says:
I have owned and used my SG5 for one year. I have never been able to upload any saved "Tee Shot Distances" even if I mark both the tee location and the shot location. Does anyone else have this problem?
sameer23 says:
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