Navigating SkyGolf 360
Home- The Home tab is the SkyGolf 360 member’s quick guide to everything they will find in SkyGolf 360. When a member has scores entered this page will display a quick snapshot of their game including a couple basic games stats. A member can also find quick access to the most recent content on SkyGolf 360, links to their scores, friends, equipment and courses. When a member logs in this is their access point into the rest of SkyGolf 360. This is the page where a member can find links to changing their profile settings including email preferences as well as the stats they are tracking in SkyGolf 360. This is one of the pages where a score can be entered from (if member chooses to do it manually).

Scores- The Scores tab gives a member access to all of their most recent scores as well as those of their friends. A member can enter a score (manually) from this page as well as view all of their scores in a leaderboard. The entire community’s best scores are displayed in this page as well. At release, only current paid subscribers can enter a score into SkyGolf 360 and they have the choice to do so with CaddieSync or manually on in SkyGolf 360.

Stats- The stats tab gives a member access to the various charts and graphs provided by SkyGolf 360 to analyze their golf game. These charts include a Development chart, Single Statistic Summary, Course Stats, Club from Tee report, Score to Par, Fairway percentage chart, GIR percentage chart and a Putting chart. Details of each report can be found on the stats page ( The Stats tab also shows SkyGolf 360 wide leaders in the following categories: Lowest Handicap, GIR Percentage, Fairway Percentage and Average Putts. [Support Note- must have 10 scores entered into SkyGolf 360 to be on the single stat community wide leaderboards, so someone entering a single good score or two (or fake score) will not be considered.]

Friends- The Friends tab is quick access to the pages of each of your friend’s game pages. You can also search for other friends to add from this page as well as choose email preferences for each individual friend. You can also choose to allow a friend to have score entering access. This allows one member of a foursome to enter the entire groups’ scores instead of each member needing to keep their own scorecard. The Friends tab also shows golfers in close proximity geographically so a member could find new friends and playing partners.

Groups- The Groups tab is where members can go to see their groups, join a group or create a new group. A Group is a subsection of golfers that compare and compete against others in the community. A member can be involved in multiple groups. Groups can be public or private based on the group creator’s preferences set at inception and editable at anytime.

Equipment- The Equipment tab is where a member can view and rate equipment as well as add it to their profile. Users can search by brand as well as keyword. If a member searches and can’t find their equipment they can add it by clicking “Add Missing Equipment” at the bottom of the land side navigation bar. Once a person adds a piece of equipment the name and brand are locked in, but any piece of equipment can be updated with a new description and picture. These are monitored by SkyGolf staff for duplicates, mistakes and misuse.

Tournaments- The Tournaments tab gives members access to view upcoming amateur events in their area and throughout the world. This is a member updated and edited section. Any member can add a tournament by clicking “+ Add A Tournament” in the top left corner of the page. Tournaments are tied to specific courses and when a tournament is added to a course, any person visiting can see that event listed on the course page.

Forums- The Forums tab gives members access to SkyGolf 360 message boards. All members (free and with a current paid subscription plan) can access and post to the forums. The topics of the Forums will be anything from current golf conversation to support monitored by SkyGolf administrators to answer member questions.

Blog- The Blog tab is where a member will find current updates and information from SkyGolf as well as the golfing world. Content will be updated daily with current events as well as special sections featuring golfers from ClubSG (Golfer of the Week), SkyCaddie Course Mappers, SkyCaddie Caddies and updates about SkyGolf and its products. The purpose of the blog section is to bring golfers back on a regular basis who are not playing golf daily. The contents purpose is to stimulate conversation and members (paying and nonpaying) have access to post comments and opinions on the blog content posts.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let us know in our Forums.

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