Adjusted Scoring Average
What is it?
Adjusted Scoring Average is something we came up with to add new competition to the SkyGolf 360 leaderboards.

While your handicap is a representation of your golf potential, scoring average is a more accurate reflection of your actual scores. You'll see on the leaderboard, that the best overall handicap does not mean you have the best scoring average. In some cases, the difference is dramatic.

How is it calculated?
The formula for determining SkyGolf 360's Adjusted Scoring Average is pretty simple:

([total most recent 20 scores]/[total most recent 20 pars]) *72

In short, we figure out the ratio of your strokes to par for each hole, and multiply that number by 72. 72 is the average par for all tees currently in SkyGolf 360. That is where the "Adjusted" part of the number comes into play. We did this to level the playing field, because some courses obviously have drastically different pars. This lets us take into account those who play only 9 holes, or maybe shoot rounds on an executive course. The Adjusted Scoring Average can accommodate any round- including those of international golfers.

No system to date is absolutely perfect. A good example is how one amazing round can dramatically improve your handicap. The Adjusted Scoring Average needs to be viewed from the right frame of mind.

1) The ASA does not take into account what tees you play. If 2 individuals are close to each other in skill, but one consistently plays the back tees while the other plays forward tees, the person playing the easier tees will very likely have a better Scoring Average. He's probably not the better golfer.

2) The ASA does not take into account how hard the course is. If someone plays all their rounds at Bethpage Black and someone else plays their rounds at a Par 3 course, the person playing the par 3 course will very likely have a better scoring average. Even the adjustments in our formula cannot make up for this difference.

Those two arguments aside- we feel confident that this new feature will add a new way to track your game, compete on the site and provide improvement feedback after each round.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let us know in our Forums.

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