Group Leaderboard Ranking
A description of the different options available to rank your group's scores.

USGA Differential
Differential is essentially the difference between your ESC Score and the score that a scratch golfer would record on the same course. It is calculated as follows:
((Score - Rating) X 113) / Slope

To see your own differentials and how they are used for calculating handicap. Click on the "handicap" link next to your handicap index on your "my game" page.

USGA differentials are the best way to compare scores between multiple courses of different levels of difficulty. It does not take into account the skill level of the golfer.

Fair Score
For more on Fair score click here

Gross Score to Par
This is the score as it commonly appears on a PGA leaderboard. For example if you shot a 79 in a par 72 course it would display as +7. This does not take into account the golfers skill level or the difficulty of the courses.

Net Score to Par

Gross Score
This is the basic score exactly as it appears on the scorecard.

Net Score
This is a golfers ESC score minus their course handicap. Course handicap is an indication of what a golfer should shoot based on a given course based on their potential/handicap.

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