Entering Scores for Other Users
Have four golfers and only one scorecard to take home? Does your tech-challenged friend need help tracking his scores? ClubSG allows you to add/edit scores for other members.

Of course you don't want anyone to edit your scores. The sad truth is you can't even trust all of your friends when it comes to your handicap. Therefore, the first step to utilizing this new feature is to provide the only chosen people permission to enter scores for you. To do this click on your friends page (left side of "my game"). On this page next to each friend you will see something similar to the following figure:

After this permission is set, go to "Enter Score" and at the bottom of the first page you should see a drop down for all of the users you can edit/enter scores for:

Each time you enter a score, select the user you would like to save it for.

It's that easy.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let us know in our Forums.