Madeira Islands Open is a total washout
By Torleif Sorenson on 3/23/15
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The 2015 Madeira Islands Open was supposed to begin on Thursday at Clube de Golf do Santa da Serra. But just like last year, when fog forced the tournament to be shrunk to 36 holes, the weather interfered. Again.

From then on, rain and wind absolutely pelted the course. Euro Tour players were left to their own devices:

Rain continued to fall. And fall.

It was Saturday before the first 18 holes of play could be completed, with Joachim B. Hansen of Denmark in the lead. Nobody can say that the European Tour did not try to get this tournament played to some reasonable conclusion. But in the end, they just couldn't stand the weather:

To their credit, European Tour officials are already working to make sure this tournament gets replayed later this year.

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bkuehn1952 says:
On a smaller scale, I sometimes have the same issue. The forecast is rain. It is raining lightly at 7am. The tournament starts at 9am at a course an hour's drive away. They say they haven't made a decision yet and the course is open. Do you drive all the way over only to turn around when the day is washed out? Or stay home? One tournament we played in an absolute soaking rain. The course really was unplayable but they told us to use a modified "casual water" rule and find a spot less soggy. What a mess!
bkuehn1952 says:
Anyone ever played when the wind could move the ball? A few times I have had the ball oscillate but never actually re-start in motion after coming to a rest. What saves us is the green speeds are not up to Tour standards.
GBOGEY says:
I've been wishing for rain for two months to wash the snow away.
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