Allenby "owns up" but still blames press
By Torleif Sorenson on 1/27/15

The story of Robert Allenby and his January 16th misadventure in Hawaii might be juicy fodder for a spin-off of This is Spinal Tap" if it were not a real story — and so unfortunate. On Tuesday, the weirdness continued with an impromptu press conference in Scottsdale, Arizona ahead of the PGA Tour's Phoenix Open.

During his presser, Allenby said he has "owned up" to what happened, but still claims to be a victim of a kidnapping and robbery. And he still stands by his version of the story.

"But I think also what has been blown out of proportion a little bit is I was a victim, and all of a sudden you're putting all the blame on me. I take full responsibility if I did do something wrong. I have no problem in the world in owning up to if I did do something wrong. But as I said, from about 11:06 to about 1:27 a.m., I have no memory in my brain. I have nothing. I have been trying and overlooking and going backwards and forwards, and there is just nothing."
But Golf Channel apparently has "more than nothing" — they are reporting that Allenby ran up a $3,400 bill at a strip club. It was after this that two homeless people found him bleeding on a nearby sidewalk.

It is our opinion that Allenby should have bypassed the Phoenix Open and waited a week to come back to PGA Tour competition. Think about it — he's going to hear it from the crazies at the 16th hole this week.


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mustang6560 says:
It'll be interesting to see how well Allenby is treated on the 16th.
bkuehn1952 says:
Tor, I don't know what the problem is but many of your articles can not be commented upon. When one "clicks" on the comment box we get wisked away to the websites for "TheBack9" or whatever. The other two articles on Back9 and the LPGA have the same problem.

As to Mr Allenby, I think a lot of us intially thought the story sounded odd and he does have a reputation for enjoying his beverages. I withheld any comment under the theory innocent until foot inserted into mouth.
Torleif Sorenson says:
I fixed the linkage problem; thanks for the heads-up.

It now appears that Mr. Allenby has a problem with alcohol. "Owning up" to the problem is not the same as fixing the problem, so he certainly would do well to get some professional help from outside his circle of friends.
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