The mystery of Tiger Woods' missing tooth
By Torleif Sorenson on 1/20/15

Alright, this story may not be as puzzling as the Robert Allenby attack in Hawaii, but unless Tiger Woods 'fesses up, this one could be adapted into an episode of the old CBS Radio Mystery Theater.

Tiger Woods lost one of his front teeth while attending a ski race in Italy on Monday. Woods was there because his girlfriend is the American ski-racer Lindsey Vonn.

Woods' agent, the well-known sports attorney Mark Steinberg, released the following statement Monday afternoon:

"During a crush of photographers at the awards podium, a media member with a shoulder-mounted video camera surged toward the stage, turned and hit Woods in the mouth. Woods's tooth was knocked out by the incident."
However, a woman named Nicola Colli, the secretary general of the organizing committee running the event, has told the Associated Press that this isn't what happened:

"I was among those who escorted him from the tent to the snowmobile and there was no such incident."
Whatever the explanation, the tooth in question was reportedly a "dead tooth" that he has had for some time.

For his part, Woods has not posted on his Twitter account since January 9, when he announced that he will plays the Phoenix Open after several years' absence.

Good thing for Tiger that Florida has lots of good dentists... ...and we assume Tiger will have the necessary work done before he takes his latest bite out of the PGA Tour in Phoenix...

And somewhere in Heaven, Nat 'King' Cole is probably smiling...

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bkuehn1952 says:
Wow, a lot of ink about someone missing a tooth.
MSchad says:
My thoughts also. Can't believe that absolutely "everything" Tiger is news worthy.
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