Conflicting stories in Robert Allenby attack
By Torleif Sorenson on 1/20/15

Conflicting information about the abduction and beating of Australian professional golfer Robert Allenby is now emerging from Honolulu, Hawaii. Australia's 9NEWS interviewed Allenby, who compared the attack to the films Taken and Taken 2.

The woman interviewed in the video above is identified as Charade Keane, "a local homeless woman" in Honolulu. She told 9NEWS that she was on block away from the Amuse Wine Bar on Kapiolani Boulevard when she found professional golfer Robert Allenby trying to offer two attackers $500 to leave him alone. Ms. Keane also says she found him at around 2:00 a.m., roughly three hours after Allenby left the wine bar. This seems to leave a three-hour window of time that has yet to be explained.

Also interestingly, Allenby told Australia's Seven Network that the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation is working on the crime, but FBI Special Agent Tom Simon told the U.K. Daily Mail that "[t]he FBI is not investigating this matter whatsoever."

It is entirely possible that Allenby may be suffering from memory lapses and/or some degree of concussion from the attack. However, Agent Simon offers a different explanation:

"I don't believe the golfer was lying. Here's what the confusion arose from.

"The head of security for the PGA in Hawaii, who I believe spoke to the alleged victim, is a retired FBI special agent. So I believe it was from that conversation that the golfer came to the erroneous but not illogical conclusion the FBI was looking into this field."
Thankfully, Honolulu police are also on the case; they confirmed to reporters that they now have closed-circuit video footage of a suspect buying alcoholic beverages with a credit card stolen from Allenby.

The other bit of good news is that Allenby has withdrawn from this week's Humana Challenge, the PGA Tour's annual California desert stop.

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