Attorneys quash even more fun at Phoenix-16
By Torleif Sorenson on 1/14/15
Last year, the infamous 16th hole at the PGA Tour's Phoenix Open got a little less fun when tournament organizers and PGA Tour officials banned caddie races.

Now, the attorneys have struck again — this time with another ban for personal injury liability reasons. In fairness, nobody deserves to be injured by a flying object that they cannot see or do not expect. But the new rule has also made at least one person so upset that he scribbled on the top of the sign:

SkyGolf members, what do you think?

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aaronm04 says:
Let me make sure I understand this correctly. At NFL, NBA, and other such sporting events, launching t-shirts, hot dogs, and other such things into the stands from a pneumatic CANNON is completely okay. But at a PGA Tour event, WHERE OBJECTS FALLING FROM THE SKY IS THE NORM, throwing gifts into the crowd is banned.
bkuehn1952 says:
It is, however, perfectly okay to throw or kick items into any other stands on the grounds. The prohibition applies solely to the 16th.

Apparently the thought is that the fans on the 16th hole will be so blindingly drunk as to be incapable of defending themselves from thrown or kicked objects. How thoughtful of the organizers. If this doesn't work, my understanding is they will issue helmets to everyone watching at the 16th next year.
Torleif Sorenson says:
If I were an ambulance-chasing lawyer, I would get a week-long ticket to the 16th hole and be armed with a video camera.

That's how bad it has gotten.
ally1957 says:
You can hit balls into the crowd all day with a club but you cannot throw a ball into the crowd to a grateful recipient. whatever next florescent jackets and hard hats!
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