American Airlines vs Marc Calcavecchia
By Torleif Sorenson on 7/17/14
Large airlines are bound to have problems and snafus, but this is just ugly. As a result, a high-profile golfer is steaming mad at American Airlines. Follow us, because the story gets quite bizarre as it goes on.

Due to a problem American Airlines has still not explained, they canceled both of the two possible flights that 1989 Open Championship winner Mark Calcavecchia needed in order to get to England for the 143rd Open Championship — even though weather was apparently not an issue:

As a result, Calc had no choice but to withdraw from the championship; the R&A notified the young Canadian star David Hearn that he is in. Calc was very gracious:

But then American Airlines' behavior gets even more ridiculous:

The Crowne Plaza hotel in Liverpool even prepared a special culinary greeting for Calc. Too bad he didn't get to enjoy it:

American Airlines' new advertising slogan is "The new American is arriving." Well, the golf clubs and luggage arrived, but the 54-year-old American clearly did not arrive.

AMR Corporation CEO Doug Parker, you and your people have a lot of explaining to do. Otherwise, you will drive even more golfers to trust other airlines, as well as FedEx and, instead of your company.

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Image via Twitter, American Airlines

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