A Tangled Webb (Simpson)
By Torleif Sorenson on 7/7/14

Nobody can say that Webb Simpson did not have an interesting week this past week.

On Thursday and Friday, the 2012 U.S. Open champion shot 71-69 at The Greenbrier Classic. He was so certain that he had missed the 36-hole cut that he packed up and hopped on an airplane back to Charlotte, North Carolina.

But when his flight arrived at the airport, Simpson found out he had made the cut. Right on the number.

"So I had to rent a car and drive back," he said.

Over four hours of driving, in fact.

And then, as's Helen Ross noted, Simpson almost missed the Greenbrier Classic's secondary cut on Saturday, when he shot a two-over-par 36 on the outward nine. A second-nine 31 saved his bacon. To top it off, he shot a bogey-free 63 on Sunday that, while leaving him six shots adrift of eventual winner Ángel Cabrera, gave him a solo third-place finish.

We are happy that Simpson didn't miss his "made" cut, but the old adage "don't count your chickens before they've hatched" certainly applies here. In reverse, somehow.

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EuricanaCiara says:
when he shot a two-over-standard 36 on the outward nine. A moment nine 31 spared his bacon. To finish it off, he shot an intruder free 63 on Sunday that, while abandoning him six shots lose of inevitable victor Ángel Cabrera, gave him Do my Essay for me a performance third-put finish.We are glad that Simpson didn't miss his "made" cut, however, the familiar proverb "don't check your chickens previously they've incubated" surely applies here. In invert, some way or another.
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