Hey Readers, I need your help.
For 5-1/2 years ... almost 600 articles ... I've been sharing my thoughts about nearly all things golf. And from the first day, I've written under the moniker, "The Wedge Guy". That was because when I started this blog, I was building EIDOLON Golf, which I still believed made the best wedges in golf.

But just over a year ago, we created a whole new company to introduce our revolutionary new SCOR4161 line of precision scoring clubs. These ARE NOT "just wedges", though we did make the Golf Digest Hot List in that category. And we've had thousands of golfers hail the performance of "SCOR wedges".

But "just wedges" pigeon-holes SCOR4161 into a category of golf clubs that hasn't really evolved in nearly 70 years. This category hasn't experienced the technical revolution that has completely changed everything else in our golf bags, as well as our clothes and shoes. In my collection, I have "wedges" from the 1980s, 1970s, 60s, 50s and 40s that ... if you stripped the chrome and graphics ... are almost indistinguishable from those on the racks in the retail stores today.

SCOR4161 is different ... and better for short range precision ... than any "wedges" that have ever been built. I won't go into the full story here, but I urge you to visit our site and see what we've done to completely re-invent the short end of the set, and the way in which golfers can put their scoring arsenal together.

What I need your help with today is what my new moniker should be. It's time to put "The Wedge Guy" into the archives. In name only, of course. I'll keep writing twice weekly like I always have, consistently focused