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Thank you all for indulging me while I took some time off from the blog to focus on this exciting ride we've created here at SCOR Golf. 2012 was a whirlwind of energy and outreach, telling this story of product revolution to the world ... or at least some of it. I've never worked harder or more hours than I have in the past two years, nurturing this new brand and new technology into the shark tank that is the golf industry.

But the reward is there with the hundreds of emails and phone calls we get about just how different this approach to the scoring clubs really is. How we're delivering real results in the form of lower scores. That's the real reward. So today's post might come across a total plug for our new SCOR4161 precision scoring clubs, but I know each and every reader is committed to improving your games, and we have a product that will do it.

The most exciting development happened just a couple of weeks ago, when we finally subjected our SCOR4161 wedge to head-to-head comparison on "Iron Byron". We knew we had a product that delivered lower trajectories and improved distance control than any other wedges. We knew that we were seeing more forgiveness of off center hits than other wedges. But until this independent testing, we couldn't quantify it. Now we can.

In this first of many tests to come, we tested our 52 degree SCOR4161 against the same loft of the two top-selling wedges of 2012. Fifty shots off of each wedge, at five different impact points — three up the centerline of the face and then 3/4" toward the heel and the toe. When you do this kind of testing, you are seeking knowledge, and hopefully a measurable competitive edge you can talk about. What you never expect to find is that you simply blow away the competition. But we did!
  • On high-face impact that always costs you yards with your wedges, SCOR4161 reduced the distance loss over the other two wedges by 47% and 53%! We were leaving a 15-16 foot putt instead of a shot 30-35 feet short of target. That's huge in your scoring.

  • On heel and toe misses, SCOR4161 produced a spread that was half as wide as the other two wedges, which were about equal. Our average lateral dispersion was less than ten feet, compared to almost 20 for the "other guys".
I hope you all will forgive me for writing what you might take as a shameless plug, but there's not a golf company out there that wouldn't kill for this kind of measurable advantage. And they took notice at last week's PGA Show in Orlando. We were covered up by golf pros and retailers, so you'll be seeing SCOR4161 at more and more locations this year.

But what really had us chuckling is to see the boys from all the big companies hovering over our products and fitting kits, even taking pictures!!!!

We really have 'em talking to themselves now!
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MSchad says:
Those stats are very interesting to say the least. Hopefully you work that into your advertising.
And it is your column, plug away!!
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