Would Donald Trump Make Golf Great Again?
By mustang6560 on 3/1/16

On Golf Central last night, Gary Williams asked a golf panel to weigh in on a timely question, "Would Donald Trump make golf great again?"

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bkuehn1952 says:
I respect his desire to create or purchase/renovate great courses. He needs to "let the course do the talking"; the less I hear from him the better.
DougEly says:
Golf, in general, is just fine without him despite the fact, evidently, EVERYONE LOVES him. Just ask him. He adds nothing to mainstream golf. He's just an egotistical elitist who will only cater to other egotistical elitists. (None as HUGE as him.) That does not promote the game in any way, shape or form in my opinion.

Of course I'm not Mexican (they all love him), a Jew (they all love him), an Evangelical (they all love him), Hispanic (they all love him), or uneducated down and out homeless person (evidently they all love him too). So, my rational opinion, might seem a bit irrational to those who see him as the Messiah.

I have had some indirect personal interaction with him in the past. I would not trust the man in a round of golf. You can be sure I won't be trusting him with the fate of the world. But that's just me. I would, however, play one of his elitist golf courses if he let me on for a reasonable rate. Won't make me like him any more. Might make me like his course though.
GBOGEY says:
One of his courses was on my "bucket list" and I had a path to getting on, but it has been removed from my list.
daleward says:
Golf he does not know the word of a true golfer,he is a very annoying. If it is not his way he just crystal like a little baby.
jessicakevin814 says:
Because of worries about potential irreconcilable circumstances Assignment Writing Service Trump said he will hand over his golf operations and different organizations to his grown-up youngsters, however the amusement is sure to keep his consideration as president.
johnhamter says:
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