A new island green in Westchester
By Torleif Sorenson on 5/31/15

GlenArbor's head pro Brian Crowell, PGA takes aim at the 19th hole. The lucky so-and-so.

Westchester County in the state of New York is home to a variety of private golf clubs, some rather exclusive. But GlenArbor Golf Club head professional Brian Crowell, PGA and fellow golf addict Michael Lehrer have ratcheted up things in their neighborhood. The golf pro and the owner of Home Green Advantage (a clever play on hockey terminology) decided that an island green at GlenArbor would be a great idea. (Of course, it *is* a great idea. All on-course 19th greens are great ideas.)

And as New York-based golf writer Dave Donelson of Westchester Magazine reports, they set about designing and getting the green constructed. The final result is modeled on GlenArbor's 14th green, but Lehrer went out of his way to make it more receptive, so that golfers have a decent chance of keeping the ball on the surface.

Lehrer (a former CPA) and his company have designed and installed over 500 artificial putting greens (some including sand bunkers!) in residential and commercial settings — even on the roof of Trump Tower City Center. The man knows what he is doing. And yet...

"I have to admit, it's one of the more unusual projects we've undertaken. We had a lot of fun with it."
No kidding. And this is coming from a man has overseen installation of several roof-top putting greens:

Yes, that *is* New York's iconic Chrysler Building in the background.

But as Donelson noted in his article, the responsibility for retrieving dunked golf balls from the lake at GlenArbor had not been delegated by the time his article went to press.

(Will the club have to hire a Chief SCUBA Specialist? Chief Diver? Shark Bait?)

We may never have the privilege of being invited to play at GlenArbor, but if we did, we would not only enjoy their challenging course (a Gary Player & Tim Freeland design collaboration), but certainly also a shot at the 19th hole.

Dave Donelson's article

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Images via Twitter, Home Green Advantage

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DougEly says:
Since this is SkyGolf, can I get a distance to the front, back and center please? ;-)
ally1957 says:
what no lay up
bet he didn't walk that hole
ally1957 says:
looks a bit of a so n so, if your left handed
bkuehn1952 says:
Hey, you just hit the 3rd brand new ProV1 into the water trying to hit the 19th green! Why are you smiling?

I took the balls from your bag.
mehreensiddique says:
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