PGA Tour's official airline loses Russell Henley's clubs
By Torleif Sorenson on 4/7/15
CNBC's Phil LaBeau has this week's most laugh-and-cringe-inducing story — so far, anyway.

United Airlines, the official airline of the PGA Tour, in the course of their employees' regular baggage-handling work, managed to lose Russell Henley's golf clubs. Henley rather politely let them know about the problem... in a reasonably understated fashion:

Um, YEAH! No kidding! This *is* Master's Week!

Anyway and to their credit, United responded less than ten minutes later:

And Henley had the matter resolved to his satisfaction only about three hours afterward:

We do not understand why it is that Henley needs to apologize to the airline, but at least the airline responded likewise.

To be absolutely fair, airline employees mis-route their customers' luggage all the time — and this certainly is not the first time it has happened to a well-known professional golfer:

And of course, what would any airline lost-baggage nightmare story be without being memorialized in a beer commercial:

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GBOGEY says:
They temporarily lost my clubs twice in two years and I never connect. After the last time, I no longer take my good putter when I am checking my clubs. The rest of my bag is reasonably new so I could replace lost clubs with similar models, but my putter had been discontinued so it doesn't make the trip.
bkuehn1952 says:
I try to take direct flights when possible. I also pack my golf shoes, golf glove and a couple balls in my carry-on so at least I have those if I need to rent.

So far my handful of major golf trips have resulted in my clubs arriving with me. One member of our Scotland trip (scratch handicap) had to rent clubs AND shoes (yeech!) the first 48 hours.
ally1957 says:
deltas never lost my golf gear but they've lost my ski gear TWICE
mustang6560 says:
As a Georgia boy headed to Augusta to play the Masters, I'm surprised he wasn't flying private. He needs to work on his connections.
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