Making Tracks: Trump Ferry Point opens April 1
By Torleif Sorenson on 3/6/15

Ever since last November, when we at SkyGolf 360 posted this delicious preview of Trump Golf Links Ferry Point, we have been slobbering like Pavlov's dog. And after 40 years of dreaming, bureaucratic bungling, and political ping-pong, Ferry Point will open on April 1, 2015.

Beginning on March 11, golfers can begin booking tee times with the course.

Ferry Point is the final result of a partnership between the City of New York and Donald Trump, whose golf course developments and redevelopments have been successful everywhere he has ventured forth. This course is advertised as a Jack Nicklaus Signature Design, but a considerable amount of design credit also belongs to golf course architect John S. Sanford, Jr. The Florida-based Sanford has considerable experience in land-reclamation for golf courses, having turned an ugly Boston-area landfill into the critically-acclaimed Granite Links at Quarry Hills.

Because Trump Golf Links Ferry Point is a public-access course, we are pretty certain that on March 11, the computer servers hosting the online reservation system will be deluged with traffic. Specifically, we are guessing that it might turn out like this scene from The Big Bang Theory:



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DougEly says:
Public or not, with the Trump name on it, affordable is not in its make up. $215 for a round on the weekend. Too rich for my blood. Looks pretty nice though.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Yes, that is the only real problem. But given that the course took so long to get built, and the cost of the location, we really shouldn't be surprised.
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