Evans Scholar Gets Bodyslammed
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/1/14

Chances are that if you weren't completely immersed in the Ryder Cup (like your humble correspondent was), you might have seen the photo and/or video clip of a Ohio State University fan running onto the field at Ohio Stadium on Saturday — and getting a logical and well-deserved reception (above) from Buckeyes football strength and conditioning coach Anthony Schlegel, a 6-foot 1-inch, 251-lb. former NFL linebacker and an alumnus of the school.

Here is the video-gone-viral:

Now we have learned that the criminal trespasser is 21-year-old Anthony Wunder from Cincinnati, who has been attending Ohio State on an Evans Scholarship, awarded by the Western Golf Association to former caddies with a strong record, good scholarship, and financial need. Thanks to intrepid reporting by Ted Hart of NBC affiliate WCMH-TV in Columbus, we now know more about Wunder — and his "un-Wunder-ful" behavior:

As for Anthony Schlegel, whose college education actually began at the United States Air Force Academy before a transfer to Ohio State, Doug Lesmerises of the Cleveland Plain Dealer dug up some interesting follow-up facts about the incident, including this quote from Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer:
"In all seriousness, I grabbed Anthony last night. I appreciate him protecting our players. I would rather him not have a lawsuit if something bad would happen, you drill a guy like that. So we had a partial serious conversation. And then we also gave him a Hit City Award, our team, and had a little fun with it, too."
For his part, Ohio State defensive back Armani Reeves had this:
"I didn't find out until after the game it was Coach Schlegel. But there's a reason he played football I guess. I don't know how that kid actually got up. He actually got forced up. It was a good hit, a good form tackle."
As with anything gone viral on the World Wide Web, Coach Schlegel's take-down has been met with approving parody:

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