A New-Look Augusta National?
By Torleif Sorenson on 4/1/14
From veteran golf writer Cameron Morfit, who heard it from Justin Rose, who heard it from Peter Hanson, comes descriptions that Augusta National will look very different in places this year. Said Rose:
"Peter Hanson went a couple days ago. He said you won't recognize it. He said the ice storm has shredded all the leaves from all the trees. He said from the eleventh hole you could see all the way to the clubhouse. Apparently all the trees look dead. It's a bit of a shame."
Whether or not Hanson's assessment is spot-on, the photograph below clearly shows some thinned-out trees on Magnolia Lane:

This writer is still convinced that we will remember the 78th Masters Tournament for the tournament itself, not the condition of the trees on the course. However, the loss of the Eisenhower Tree at 17 will be kind of hard to ignore.

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Image via Instagram, Luke Donald

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