A 'Proud Moment for India' As Tiger Loses in Skins Game
By Torleif Sorenson on 2/4/14

In this instance, nobody can say that Tiger Woods is a sore loser.

During a private event at Delhi Golf Club, Tiger and Pawan Munjal lost a skins game match against Anirban Lahiri and Shiv Kapur. The fundraising match benefits several charities organized by the club, although they reportedly paid woods seven figures to participate in the event, which was attended by at least 2,000 spectators. described the event as "a proud moment for India" and quotes a senior club professional, Nonita Lall, as saying that Tiger had ten birdies against only one bogey. (And he still lost?)

Here's hoping that Tiger's visit spurs lots of people there — kids especially — into taking up the game.

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H-T: Kyle Porter

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Image via Instagram, Tiger Woods

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Joe.Douglas says:
Can't understand why it was a proud moment. Perhaps the headline would have had more meaning if Tiger had donated his seven figure fee to help local children or orphan charities. Would he have even been there if he wasn't being paid such an obscene fee in one of the worlds poorest countries?
Torleif Sorenson says:
Joe, chances are that he wouldn't. And it isn't as if Tiger doesn't already have enough money...
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