Can 'Hack Golf' Save Golf?
By Torleif Sorenson on 1/23/14

TaylorMade CEO Mark King advocates thinking outside the box in finding ways to make golf more enjoyable to the uninitiated.

WAY outside the box.

Agree or disagree with him?

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PorterDon99 says:
Everything he said is money driven. I dont believe making new games that can be played on our golf courses is good for the people who already play the game and in regards to people buying more than one driver per year as the reason they keep coming out with new ones, if there were not new ones to buy people would just keep playing the ones they have and spend less on his products.
Ian 666 says:
I really trust someone that states that the way forward is to have white drivers. Less than 5 years they are back to Black (however I'm sure there 2014 slider model will be released next year in white) Par 3 Championship is the way to go no driver required :)
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JasonMills says:
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