Simon Dyson Fined £30,000, Gets Suspended Sentence
By Torleif Sorenson on 12/10/13
Last Thursday, the European Tour's disciplinary board announced their findings and decision in the case of Simon Dyson, who violated Rule 16-1a in October at the BMW Masters in Shanghai. The violation was captured on video:

Dyson has been fined £30,000 and has been given a two-month ban that has been suspended for 18 months. This means that if Dyson commits no more rules violations over the next 18 months, his two-month ban from Euro Tour events will be retracted.

The tour's three-person panel said in their announcement that because Dyson does not have a history of cheating during his 14 years on tour, they decided to exercise some leniency. However, they also noted that Dyson will now have to endure whatever golfers and fans think of him in the court of public opinion. And the golf world at large may be far less charitable toward Dyson. Most likely, they will put him under the proverbial microscope every time he plays, from now on.

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