Brandel Chamblee Apologizes
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/23/13
Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee touched off a firestorm with a column in which he hinted at Tiger Woods being a cheater — on the golf course, anyway. Interestingly, on Tuesday afternoon Chamblee told CBS Sports blogger Kyle Porter that he was standing by his comments, refused to back down, and even took a slap at Woods' agent, Mark Steinberg:
"What people want to infer about that is up to them. I have my opinion, they can form theirs.

"I thought it incomprehensible that anyone with the slightest understanding of libel laws wouldn't know the definition of and the difference between libel and opinion."
Sometime on Tuesday evening, Chamblee decided to backpedal:

Mr. Chamblee will have to excuse those of us who are not convinced that he was not asked to apologize, given his rather fierce heel-digging just hours earlier.

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JED10 says:
(PROS)like Tiger ought to know the golf rules, an I believe they use these infractions to their advantage. Chamblee was right in what he said and shouldn't have apologized, but a fellow needs a job these days.
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