No 2014 Hall of Fame Class
By mustang6560 on 10/8/13
In a somewhat surprising, yet refreshing, announcement, the World Golf Hall of Fame said it is canceling its 2014 induction ceremony.
Citing the need for a "comprehensive review" of its selection process, the World Golf Hall of Fame announced today that it was cancelling its 2014 induction ceremony. In a prepared statement, Hall of Fame officials said that they have launched "an evaluation of the criteria and process for electing/selecting all five avenues of induction and a review of the production of the annual Induction Ceremony."

Because that process "takes several months and includes the coordination of the game's professional tours, governing bodies and allied organizations," the statement said, Hall officials thought it best to forgo the 2014 ceremony.

The 2015 ceremony will continue as planned, on May 4, 2015, the statement said.
In the announcement, Travis Hill, a spokesman for the Hall of Fame said, "(This review) is not a reaction to any one thing. It is simply a response to a lot of different questions that have bubbled up." Hill added that the Hall of Fame would announce any changes to its criteria in early 2014, when the review process is expected to be completed."

The current criteria, which has been a point of contention lately, is essentially threefold. A player must, 1) be at least 40 years old, 2) with at least 10 years of Tour membership, and 3) at least 10 PGA Tour wins, or two major championships, or two Players Championships.

It will be interesting to see which criteria the Hall of Fame decides to amend. Let's hope the "review" is substantial and successful.

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