New Nicklaus Golf Balls
By Torleif Sorenson on 10/3/13

Jack Nicklaus has had his name on golf balls before, but this time, his approach is to simplify which golf ball is ideal for average, everyday golfers — and to benefit several children's hospitals.

Nicklaus and his company are introducing Black, Blue, and White versions of their new ball which, they say, were in development for three years prior to release. The colors are meant to correspond with the tee-box colors found on many golf courses — the Black is intended for better players who play from the tips, the Blue for golfers playing from the middle, and White for those playing from the forward tees.
"These golf balls are designed for every level of play, from the everyday or recreational golfer — be it men, women, children, or seniors — to the tour professional. No matter the age or ability, there is a golf ball to fit your game. Our strategy is based on a simple principle: Skill level is an extremely important factor when selecting the right golf ball. From the tees you play, we know your swing speed; this is paramount when choosing a golf ball."
Nicklaus will attempt to capitalize on the Internet market, cutting out the "middle man," so to speak, and donating a percentage of all sales to the Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation. That foundation currently supports six hospitals, a home-away-from-home for parents of children in those hospitals, and three organizations involved in autism, diabetes, and neonatal care.

The balls will be available on November 1 and are available now for pre-order at through, by phone at 914.923.6717, and at Nicklaus-designed golf courses.

As such, while the minimum price ranges from $26 to $30, the recommended prices are $46 to $50, with $20 of that going toward the NCHCF.

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